Wednesday, May 13, 2009

If somebody's going to make it, then the somebody oughta be you

As KulPop wrote about earlier, a-ha have a new single, "Foot Of The Mountain," out. If you like Norwegian pop-rock groups not afraid to incorporate electronic elements and '80s influences into their periodically soaring songs, though, you might also want to check out DonkeyBoy and Nixon.

I wrote about Nixon's "Tiffany" several times last year and I've yet to hear anything from the group that rivals that perfect debut single. The lead single for their new album, "Fireflies" (listen on MySpace, buy on iTunes internationally), doesn't change that and doesn't use those electronic elements quite as much as I'd like, doesn't ever fully take off--or maybe it flirts with soaring at the expense of a grounded melody. It's good, though.

Shortly after writing about Nixon for the first time last year, Chris recommended DonkeyBoy, a less-than-ideally-named fellow Norwegian group, and their song "Broke My Eyes," which I don't think I wrote about but should have. It's taken DonkeyBoy a year since then to get out their debut single, but it was worth the wait. I'm not sure how, but "Ambitions" (listen on MySpace, buy digitally internationally here) that single, has taken off on Norwegian iTunes. I meant to recommend it ages ago, but kept not having the time. Luckily, though, as usual, Nick of #1 Hits doesn't let anythig slip through the cracks and featured it. "Ambitions" is a bit less pop-rock, a bit more electro, and features distinctive, often higher vocals, but most importantly, a great mid-tempo '80s-touched melody. If you only check out one of these two songs, make it this one.

On a not at all related note, Norwegian pop-R&B singer Elisabeth Carew, who you might remember from her American-sounding "Destructive" from last year, finally has another single out. It's called "Even If The Rain" (listen to a clip on MySpace) and, though not revolutionary, has a nice electro-pulse backing and sweet mid-tempo pop&B melody. It's available on iTunes internationally, along with b-side "Thunder."


xolondon said...

The a-ha song is not ahhhh. But this was true of Celice and then there were plenty of solid tracks on Analogue. We'll see. Whatsisname's solo record was total crap. Morten, I mean.

Paul said...

a-ha had better be brilliant now. i've had a fun few days going through their back catalogue thanks to my buddy Mark and now off to see them in November. I'll check out the other acts too :)

PS off to sweden in October! THE ABBA HOTEL!!!

Poster Girl said...

Now, with the benefit of hindsight and context, I really like "Celice," but I'm hoping for an album that exceeds the lead single again, too. I can't remember anything about Morten's album except a feeling of being completely disappointed or unimpressed--let's hope that's not any indication of the material they're getting or creating.

There's something fantastic about discovering or rediscovering an act because of an interest created or rekindled by new material. I'm so jealous of your Sweden trip!