Saturday, April 18, 2009

Your beauty was the kind that could hurt

Worrapolava's most recent post sent me off on yet another "is there any chance I can find any sort of update on what Linda Sundblad is doing?" spree (though on the Worrapalava front, Phil's post about Adam & the Ants is worth your time and I have him to thank for hooking me on the group and Adam a little while ago). Sure, she's a "featuring" artist on two recently released Rasmus Faber songs ("Everything Is Alright" and "Always" on MySpace here), but my craving for Linda's solo career has only been getting worse and worse in the time since her debut solo album, 2006's Oh My God! The former lead singer of Lambretta told Emilia de Poret in September that she'd be releasing a single written by Max Martin and Alexander Kronlund in January which would be a little rockier than her last album (not a full return to the Lambretta sound, but a move in that direction). January has come and gone, though, and I've seen no update whatsoever, which is making me pretty nervous.

The only bit of information I've been able to find is that in March she worked with the Salazar Brothers--producers whose work is often urban-oriented but who did the latest Mando Diao (a Swedish rock group) album--but I have no idea whether that was actually for her own music career and not just in a "featuring" or songwriting capacity.

If you're unfamiliar with Linda's work, here's "Bimbo," a Max Martin-penned hard pop-rock single which her former band Lambretta released in 2001. Includes the legendary line "she's been faking since day one/A friendly kiss includes no tongue."

Linda's debut solo album set aside the rock of Lambretta in favor of an electronic pop sound. The mid-tempo, moving "Lose You" is a case of perfect match of song and singer. I really can't overstate how great this song is.

The also great "Oh Father" was the lead single from that album. Linda is usually stylish, but her look in this video doesn't work for me; it's a little too '80s Kylie, though maybe that was the point--play up the ironic innocence. It's not bad, but it might be better just to press play and switch away.


D'luv said...

OMG! I had that Lambretta CD when it came out, and had no idea it was Max Martin!!

Anonymous said...

I guess Linda is busy with her new gig as host of a weekend radio show on Swedish national radio station - Sveriges Radio. She´s hosting the show P3 Star (

Phil said...

But Linda needs to be doing new music during the week! Someone tell her!

Poster Girl said...

Yup, Robbie, he co-wrote "Bimbo" and "Creep" (and the guys who make September's music co-wrote "Piece Of My Heart")! Beat Kelly Clarkson to the punch (though even Nick Carter did that, with "Blow Your Mind").

Anonymous, I was glad to see her get that job and I do tune in some Saturdays (well, after the show airs since it's a bit too early in Eastern Standard Time for me to get for ;) ), but surely she's got to have time for music in between the radio shows and good fashion sense?

Phil, I sign onto that!

Damian said...

Weird, that I've missed video of "Oh Father". The sound of Linda's solo-album always reminded me cross between Madonna of 80s and Kylie of 80s, so it's surprising to see Linda looking a lot like Kylie. However the only track I really like from the album is "Loose you" and it's still in my player. But can be any stuff better than Linda did in Lambretta? For me the answer is clear - no. So I'm impatiently waiting for her rock-comeback.
By the way I like "Everything Is Alright" and it caught me for some time, very meditative and Linda's mewing singing is so pleasant in this track.