Saturday, April 18, 2009

One more number, one more race

Many other places have already written about the Yeah You's: Into The Groove was the first place I read about them and in the time since then Popjustice, Fizzy Pop, and the Guardian's New Band of the Day have talked about their music. Making music that could appeal to fans of the Feeling and is targeted straight at the radio, the British duo has some great up-tempo catchy fun songs in its pockets and has a pleasing willingness to flirt with Queen-like harmonies; the exuberance that comes through their music and their really interesting style and production (I can't describe it, but I love it; it's somehow the best possible mix of piano-pop-rock and electronic elements) means I don't think they qualify as MOR (though I can love MOR when it's done right). Check out any of the clips on their MySpace to get a feel for that side of them, though my recommendation would be to try "15 Minutes," "Ready To Love Again," and "If I Could" first.

"15 Minutes," full of catchy hooks, makes sense as a first single choice and I'm dying to hear "Ready To Love Again" in full (and it could scoop the following title once I have), but so far, the song I'm returning to again and again is "Carry Me Home," which is just a little less buoyant and theatrical than the rest of their work, though still more likely to leave you feeling uplifted than depressed. Even in demo form, the production is once again in this style I love but can't describe and there's a drama in the chorus I can't get enough of. The fact that it's immensely singalongable definitely helps with the attraction, too.

Good melodies, good hooks, good singing, good style of music--and good fun. So far, the Yeah You's have delivered on all counts. Let's hope the world agrees.

The Yeah You's' debut single, "15 Minutes," comes out June 1 in the UK, followed by an album this summer. There's nowhere to preorder either yet, but will sell them.

Next up: maybe an attempt at a lot of catching up.


Paul said...

Blimey. I go to alton towers for the day and you become a blogger machine :P I really like the Yeah You's (hate the apostrophe) from what i've heard. It seems basing your design on The Feeling is a) designed to appeal to me and b) not the wisest move after radio abandoned their last album. Still it's all good, and some of their other songs sound far superior to 15 minutes.

Poster Girl said...

Ha, only three posts ;) You can really tell when I have free time...

Everyone keeps mentioning the apostrophe and they've yet to do anything about it--maybe we're all going to have to get used to it. I do really like "15 Minutes" and I'm looking forward to hearing more from them, though your two points are very well taken!

Damian said...

These guys have very interesting songs, melodies are great but I think I need to time to love them.