Thursday, April 23, 2009

It's where my mother-in-law sleeps

I've always made a conscious effort to keep this blog only about music, which has been pretty tough at times. However, seeing as no less than Robyn appears in the video clip below, I feel justified in posting it. The Daily Show and Sweden, politics and music in the same segment? Sigh...

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Also, if you think there's a better way to spend the 11 PM-midnight hour than watching The Daily Show and The Colbert Report, you are WRONG. Well, OK, maybe sleeping and catching up with them the next day. But otherwise, WRONG. This isn't the most hurt-your-stomach-laughing bit they've ever done, but when my loves collide like this, the world is a wonderful place to be.

In other Swedish pop news, Agnes's "Release Me" has been C-listed on the UK's Radio 1. Radio 1. I can't believe this is happening--as much as I thought the song was instant and had the potential to win over loads of pop fans who usually ignore Swedish music, I really expected the song to end up as another "well, no one's interested in playing it so we'll just release it as a download only and forget about the whole campaign" case. If you're not yet on board with the song with the best disco strings since the Freemasons remixed Beyoncé's "Ring The Alarm" (though the overall feel of the song is pure swooning joy, not the drama of that Beyoncé track), now is the time to become so.


Paul said...

Agnes is very much being primed as the new September over here. Which is odd, as although she has had a couple of massive singles September (I feel) (like Infernal) has been poorly represented on the singles and albums promotional front here. WEll bring it on Agnes! Was it she who got barred from melodifestivalen one year? What was THAT about?!

Ken said...

I'm unforgivable for not listening to her. After listening to Release Me like 2 hours ago. I immediately fell in love with this girl.

Arrgh. I can't believe I'm quite late on her.

Poster Girl said...

Paul, it's funny about her and MF a few years ago--if I'm remembering correctly at what the buzz was was that due to Agnes talking about the song she'd co-written, "More Than A Girl" (it's all supposed to be anonymous), the jury choosing songs could have been unduly influenced (knowing of her involvement in that particular song) and therefore therefore the song was DQed; the following year, a rule named after her was even announced having to deal with the subject. However, once again if I'm remembering correctly, I think Agnes said later on that she never intended to sing the song in the contest and that it was just something she'd co-written. Not sure how much we can believe that. Oh well, though--at least she entered with the great "Love Love Love" this year!

Ken, as long as you love her now, that's all that matters! :D

Yuяi said...

Robyn on Cribs?! Loved that.

And Agnes is awesome. Thanks to you, PPG, I gave her a chance and am so glad I did. "Release Me" should be Top 5 in the UK as we speak. Not sure what's up with the Brits on this one. Should be a no-brainer smash hit.

Erik said...

Poster Girl, the story is that Agnes accepted that the song was submitted to the competition on the condition that she wouldn’t sing it. She has later said that she didn’t feel ready for it at the time, being only 18 and new in the game.
The other songwriters claimed that Swedish Television had tried to blackmail Agnes into singing the song by using the fact that she had broken the rules. This largely upset her fans, and protest lists where sent to SVT.

Agnes has always been very cool about all this, saying that since she was only a co-writer it was no big deal to her. Still, the media attention must have shaken her a bit at the time.

Anyway that’s old. Great to hear all the good news from UK!

Poster Girl said...

Yuri, my hopes are getting (somwhat) higher. Yeah, I loved seeing Robyn's house. It does have a lot of rooms to it, but I love how normal it seems. Her response to his comment about the TV...

Erik, thank you for filling us in! That's closer to what I thought I remembered--that the real reason for the song being disqualified had to do with her not wanting to perform it--but I don't think I'd ever heard all the details, or at least not directly.

xolondon said...

I've finally decided I like the Agnes song. It tips from anonymous to fabulous NOW.

Poster Girl said...

Fantastic. I was in a BIG disco--actual '70s disco (the little I know)--mood a weekend ago and it only further confirmed my belief that there is nothing in the world better than strings in pop/pop-dance music.