Monday, April 20, 2009

No, I just can't disguise

Sometimes I post because I've heard a song I love and think other people will love, too. Other times, though, my posts are self-indulgent professions of love for songs I have no expectation that other people will love, except maybe a few people if I'm lucky. This post is one of those latter cases.

Yes, Swedish singer Anders Johansson is often seen as a one-man Westlife (though to say that with a totally negative connotation would be to forget about songs like "Something Right," "When You're Looking Like That," "World Of Our Own," and "Amazing," on which Anders provided backing vocals). Yes, commercial success has been eluding him lately. Yes, his latest single is, like "Alone," a cover of an '80s ballad. Let's not forget, though, that "Alone" was his best single in years: who knew Heart's power ballad would lend itself so well to the one man boy band style?

Apparently under the new name Anders Fernette (though I've yet to see radio stations referring to him with that name), he's just sent out his latest single to radios. What is it? A cover of this:

Listen to a clip of Anders's version here.

Setting aside for the moment that if anything has a Dirty Dancing connection I'm legally obligated to love it, I'm surprised at how much I'm enjoying his cover--it's not amazing, but it is a good listen. It's been popped up a bit and had a mid-tempo beat put underneath it; the end result sounds sort of like something that Swedish boy band E.M.D. might do. Considering that that group has generally failed to impress me, you might expect that to be a condemnation, but it's not: this is just on the "good" side of the spectrum of that style. I'm a fan of Anders's voice, too, so to be honest that probably helps elevate the song for me: he's done some good up-tempo pop-rock songs and some dull ballads, but give him a good ballad and he brings something to it many artists don't.

I'm not quite sure when "Hungry Eyes" gets its single release, but I'll let you know or update this post when I find out. If you're new to him, my favorite of his original songs is probably "Is He The One."


Anonymous said...

Ahhhh hes the one that did that amazing song with Twill 'Miss You When Im Dreaming', i loved that song mm.
Not sure what to make of him doing 'Hungry Eyes', sounds OK i guess.

Anyway i stumbled across this AMAZING song today.
Sichelle - Freaky, produced by Adrian Newman (The one behind the amazing 'Scream' by Monrose & some of BoAs songs).
On first listen it was alright but i soon got addicted.
That chorus is AMAZING, everything a perfect pop song needs.
Its soo 80s yet modern, cant stop raving about it :D


Anonymous said...

Ooh forgot to post video link

Poster Girl said...

"Hungry Eyes" is total radio cheese (that probably won't get played on Swedish radio at all) but I'm having so much fun with it.

"Freaky" is a GREAT song! It's one of those Danish pop songs I've been meaning to write about and just haven't done so yet--it's so poppy and bubbly! It's the only Sichelle song I own--well, besides her MGP song, but that's not nearly as poppy and fun. Thanks for the tip, though :)

Paul said...

nothing wrong with being a one man westlife. His cover of Alone is aces. So much better than Celine Dion's 2007 effort :) Can't wait to hear Hungry Eyes, my very fave song from Dirty Dancing. Probably to do with the whole giggling vs serious dance move that accompanies it in the movie...

Anonymous said...

He is hot! A real man!

Anonymous said...

Ahh ive been playing 'Freaky' sooo much lately.

By the way boyband 'Varsity' have two new REDONE (L) produced songs 'Piece Of Me' and 'We Will'.
'Piece Of Me' sounds a LOT like NKOTB - Looking Like Danger and 'We Will' VERY similar to Simon Curtis Left Right Left but both are great songs :D.

Also have you heard the new Wynter Gordon song 'Lady', its amazinggg and samples the Modjo version.

Great poppy dance.

Poster Girl said...

"Hungry Eyes" = underrated. That soundtrack has some killer songs on it--my favorite is probably the Countours' "Do You Love Me?", which might be in my top 10 stranded on an island desert songs.

Anonymous, the link works but the video doesn't play for me for some reason. I didn't know their was a music video for "Ready To Fly," though! "Lady" is gooood! I'd seen it mentioned somewhere (as a cover, maybe?) but hadn't listened to it and I'm glad you recommended it--I like it! My oh my at those comparisons for the Varsity songs--now I have to go listen to them!