Thursday, February 12, 2009

Still standing

Help! With less than twelve hours left until we hear the first bit of "Hope & Glory" and with reports in about Måns's first set of rehearsals (though not the last one, which the press was strangely banned from), I can feel myself getting far more excited and nervous than someone who's never met the guy should be. I'm so desperate for the song to be good, for him to perform it well, and for him to get a good result that nothing I read is able to assuage my worries.

Let's just be honest and call it what it is: I'm a mess right now.

In news beyond that, I'm still cheering second most for Lili & Susie and Amy Diamond.


Damian said...

You know when it was said too much that it's Cara Mia #2, I stopped being excited about this song (I love Cara Mia but I wouldn't be glad of idea being used 2 years ago) but when Schlagerprofilerna wrote that it's more Hero than Cara Mia I'm turning to excitement again :)

Paul said...

breathe slow, count from one to ten with your eyes closed (said in male voice to please you not alesah dixon voice!!)

Keira said...

Oh my goodness, he is just too adorable in that picture!

I feel bad for Marie in all of this. She's got Måns for a boyfriend, but is gonna spend valentines watching him in a song contest that she got eliminated from the week before. Poor girl.

Schlager Queen said...

I feel your pain! It's nerve wrecking! It will be fantasic! Cheering for L+S and Amy aswell, kinda dreading Markoolio!

Euro Sheep said...

There's only about 2 hours to go (at least from when I'm writing) until we hear the songs and I can hardly contain myself!!!

I've been supporting Cookies N Beans ever since I knew they were confirmed so I hope their song matches the talent that they possess and that they at least go to Andra Chansen!

But Måns...the fate of a nation rests on his shoulders! I know his song has been touted as more "Hero" part 2 rather than the return of "Cara Mia" and I just hope it is spectacular enough to bring Eurovision back to the country which deserves it the most!

Best wishes from a long time fan :)
Euro Sheep x-X-x

Bas said...

Hope & Glory really sounds like Hero Part 2 to me... and I'm totally lovin' it! I'm curious if he can perform it live properly and what the verses sound like. Only 1 more day to go now!

Jump! said...

The 60 second clips up are up and I think Mans is almost guaranteed straight to the final. Here's my predictions for tomorrows heat:

Mans-straight to final
Jennifer Brown- straight to final

H.E.A.T.-2nd chance
Lili & Susie-2nd chance

And as a side note I think the Lili & susie song would have better suited Marie. The Amy Diamond song is good but its a bit too cute I think for someone who is trying to present a more mature image.

The first heat of voting surprised me though so this year's Melodifestivalen winner is still anyone's guess. Really surprised at the Markoolio song- not good at all in my opinion.

Damian said...

I'm disapointed by Mons' song, it's like "Hero (light)", I'm sure it will be in final but I don't want Sweden to send Mons to Moscow after "Hero" #1 failed last year. That's how Kempe's songs can sound when he doesn't have Bassflow on production. Lack of power but very good melody however. Kempe always makes very good melodies.
I liked H.E.A.T. song it has great melody and it's obvious that David Stenmarck wrote it for Martin's voice. Pity that Martin doesn't sing it himself. L+S are very good too. Amy's song is nice but I wouldn't say it's great. Jennifer has quite adorable song. Markoolio is okayish but he can't sing. Cookies n Beans and Lasse Lindh - no-no-no!

Poster Girl said...

Damian, you may be on to something with that talk about melodies and production! I'm always pro-Martin in everything, so he's welcome any time from me (seeing him in the opening skit last week was great).

Ha ha ha, Paul, thanks!

I know! Poor Marie. I had to laugh at something Måns said to one of the bloggers last week, though--he thanked them for all his documentation of the afterparty because that way he always knew what Marie was up to.

SQ, I was a mess!

Euro Sheep, thank you! It's fantastic to hear from you. Cookies 'N' Beans are great singers--their voices have something special around them. I'm absolutely on the same page as you in regards to Sweden and Eurovision.

Bas, the performance passed my approval (having written this comment after the show)--he did well! I think he's been training his voice a lot. The verses seem like they've a bit difficult to sing smoothly, but he did quite well, I though.

Jump!, you were pretty close! I would have predicted better results for Jennifer, too. Amy does feel like maybe a bit more "growing up" would be good--apparently Alexander Bard tried to get her to be a bit more "Britney" in her performance and it just didn't happen. She is sixteen, almost seventeen now--she could do it (have a bit more "grown up" sound and image, not necessarily be like Britney, I mean).