Friday, February 13, 2009

I'll be fighting for my love story

The previews for this week's Melodifestival semifinal are up here.

I really don't know what to say or think; I need to hear all of each song (as well as see them performed). That's always true, sure, but it's especially so this week.

The outfits (see here, here, here, and here, for example) for Måns's performance do look great: Måns in a tux and the female dancers in sexy short short outfits.

In other news, I heard September's "Cry For You" on the radio (real American radio) today. It wasn't the first time, but all the previous times had been a while ago when the song had momentum and was rising up the charts, so hearing it now, after that time has passed, was a particularly nice surprise. If we're talking about September, Scandipop has an interview with her that gives us some interesting information about her UK release schedule and new songs from her; it's exactly what you'd hope would result from an interview by a true fan.

(I know the posts over the past few days have been short and original content-free; I'll be making up for that soon, I hope, so thank you for your patience!)


Paul said...

i think i'll need to hear all the mans song, but i am loving that key change close to the end of the clip. Also, I can't see Cookie and Beans doing that well, but the vocals are pure heaven and i shall definitely be purchasing that song.

I utterly approve of the metro James Bond look Mans has going on.

Rick said...

Hmm. A very weak semi. Måns isn't bad but after Cara Mia, Hope & Glory is a let down. Weren't you immediately wowed by some of the songs last week before seeing them live? The song is more important than the stage show in the end.

scandipop said...

It's all about Amy Diamond for me this week.

And thanks for the mention!

Poster Girl said...

Paul, you can't go wrong with a key change. It's a fact of life. Plus points for the Måns look, too.

Rick, that's what was worrying/worried me. I was absolutely head over heels with Alcazar based on the clip last week.

Scandi, I should mention your blog more often! I just kind of take it for granted.