Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Evelyn...that's a lie

Sorry for the lack of posts over the past couple of days. Don't worry--you'll still have to put up with my overexcited screaming about Melodifestivalen in a few days. Speaking of which, Tobbe Ek of Aftonbladet reviewed the songs from this coming semifinal (I'm sure most of the other usual sources did, too, but it's all about knowing who's taste you can trust). Important points include:

-Lili & Susie's song is an '80's-style pop song in their style with the hook "Gimme gimme gimme, show me heaven." He likes the song and thinks it's catchy, but isn't quite as impressed as he wanted to be.
-Lasse Lindh's song is what you'd expect from him and a likely radio hit even if it isn't a likely Melodifestival hit.
-Jennifer Brown's song is mid-tempo and like Whitney Houston but without the high notes.
-H.E.A.T.'s song is like the Poodles' past two entries.
-Markoolio's ballad has a chorus hook with a melodic resemblence to Elton John's "Can You Feel The Love Tonight" from The Lion King. The song is comparable to Magnus Uggla's music.
-Amy Diamond's song has forgettable verses but a chorus completely different from them, one he seems to like or at least think gives the song a good chance. The middle 8 has BWO-style "moaning" (I'm presuming "oh oh oh"-ing) and the title is repeated a lot.
-Cookies 'n' Beans's song is a country-influenced ballad with a capella in the last chorus and one of the singers sounds like a young Dolly Parton.
-Måns's song has a big opening which makes it harder to sing than "Cara Mia" was and is more like "Brother Oh Brother" than his earlier Melodifestivalen track (which is fine with me), as well as a little cooler than "Cara Mia." The chorus hook is "I'm still standing for hope and glory" and many people will be singing it. When you think the song's over, the chorus comes back for one more time "convince those who doubted up until then," according to Tobbe.

In the meantime, I just realized Lili & Susie's "Evelyn" is on YouTube. Had I realized this when I was doing my Melodifestival write-up, I definitely would have linked to it--it's a perfect dramatic '80's-style (though technically very early '90's, I think) rock ballad for pop lovers. My love for it is all Alexander's doing--the version he posted, from their greatest hits, is totally different from the version on album The Sisters, so without him I never would have become completely addicted to this song. Sadly, it's not embeddable, but go listen to it here. I've got no words for it as well as no illusions that people will love it as much as I do, but hopefully you'll at least enjoy it.


Paul said...

Oh for goodness sakes, the Mans song needs to hurry up and be performed :) I eagerly await yours (and others) coverage. I hope he picks something amazing to wear on the night :P

scandipop said...


I interviewed September this week and uploaded it to last night.

I know you're a fan so I thought I'd let you know.

And feel free to mention it on this site too! ;)

Len W said...

PPG and Paul, Gylleneskor at first basically liked Måns but then couldn't get the chorus out of her head, finally decided that the only sure bet this week is that Måns has the best song, best position, most popularity, and should have NO worries about going direkt till Globen.

D'luv said...

Doll, at first when I saw Jennifer Brown, I was like, "Wait, the broad who sang 'Crush'?"

Then I realized that's Jennifer Paige, but it still made me think of the time me and these other two broads I went to school with drove to the gay club in Pittsburgh in fall '98, and the one girl was engaged but still ended up hooking up on the dancefloor with some guy (again, gay club) and making out with him for like 20 minutes while they each held their glasses of wine out to the side.

We heard "Crush" in the car that night.

But Jennifer Brown...yeah, I got nothin'.

Nikki said...

Oooooohhh.. Amy Diamond, was wondering what happened to her.

Poster Girl said...

Paul, it looks like he's going to wear a tux!

Scandi, I read that the day you posted it--and loved it! I should have commented to say how grateful I was to finally have some idea of what the plans are for her and to know we'll have new songs on the UK album!

Len, I saw that! I was still going out of my mind, though (still am)--the whole "will I like it?" thing.

D'luv, that sounds like just the sort of classy night I'd expect you to have a story about! "Crush" is a classic.

She released a Christmas album this past winter but it's in Swedish. This'll be her first new English song since "Thank You," I think (well, she did a version of that song for the Tinkerbell soundtrack, but excluding that).