Friday, February 06, 2009

She said I changed, I'm acting like a popstar

I know no one who reads this blog (well, besides Yuri, and I love you for that, Yuri!) enjoyed Swedish-based American rapper Swingfly's (the voice on Teddybears' "Hey Boy" and the introductory track on Robyn's self-titled album) "Singing That Melody" as much as I did, but I've been dying for more music from him since that single was released.

His new single, "Touch And Go," is on Swedish radios now, though, and I LOVE it. The pop-rock backing, interwoven with electronic decorations, still sounds like it's being played by an amazing group just having a great time. The female-sung chorus is pure pop bliss. It sparkles. Yes, Swingfly spends a lot of the song referencing "Singing That Melody" and the song has some similarities with that previous single, but only in a way that adds up to a cohesive album. Plus, with a chorus like that, the song stands up on its own.

Stream it here (click the green button if it doesn't automatically start playing for you once you click that link). If you're ignoring him just because he's a rapper, you're really missing out--I can't push this guy and this project enough. The sheer musicality of "Touch And Go," as well "Singing That Melody," should be enough to win it respect, but it's a lot more fun than terms like "musicality" make it sound.

In fact, I'm going to keep writing about Swingfly no matter what--well, as long as the quality of his material stays as high as it is so far. If I tell you that his album, due out in early March, features work from the Åhlund brothers (so yes, that would include Klas), Andreas Kleerup, and Thomas Rusiak, would that get your interest? His earlier singles may have passed me by, but Swingfly and RamPac hit it out of the park with "Singing That Melody." If it and "Touch And Go" are anything to go by, that upcoming album could be one of the best of the year.

I can't find a date of release for "Touch And Go" (it's only listed as "coming" everywhere I could find it), but you can count on me buying it the moment I can.


Paul said...

write about who you want luv!! that's what makes blogging so brilliant. i'm sure people reading my blog don't think "oh yay ANOTHER simon curtis/debbie gibson/whoever post" Well ok simon curtis, deffo because obviously he is ace, but i'm sure people raise their eyebrows at the deb.

How self centered - this is about you not me! Swingfly are growing on me, and i sometimes and to start with against my will find myself humming along to them in the shower. Yikes/. This is utterly your fault. I may sue.

Poster Girl said...

Oh, don't worry, Paul--I'll write about what I love no matter what :D This post was more a "you all might as well just listen to this now and get it out of the way because I'm going to keep talking about him until you do," not a "poor me, why doesn't anyone agree with me?" post. And obviously--how could anyone not look forward to Simon Curtis news? People who think they don't are just fooling themselves ;)