Friday, February 06, 2009

I could be your guide to paradise

The one minute clips of the Melodifestival songs are now up.

Actually, scratch that--this is the link you need to go straight to. Love it. Andreas was right--it totally does have "Knock On Wood"-esque drums.

I'll probably edit more into this post later.

Edit: I do need to add at least one more thing in now. I'm always kind of quiet about the fact that I actually really like the Poodles' "One Night Of Passion"--it's got a great chorus to it--because liking anything done by the Poodles isn't exactly a popular opinion (this is not me endorsing the Poodles, don't worry, just that song), and just how much I'm enjoying the preview of Nina's song convinces me even further that if a Lyander/Alfonzetti is accessible (or "pop") enough to make it into Melodifestivalen, there's a good chance I'm going to really like it.


Paul said...

Ok, while i really like the clips of Jonathan (LOVE HIM!) and Marie's songs, i think they are fine singles but probably not good enough to win their heats - though really what do i know?! Jonathan's song is adorable :) Alcazar's is really good i am finally feeling them once again :) The Scotts... intruige me, but i can't decide whether in a good or bad way!

Len W said...

With a decent performance, Alcazar and Shirley's songs should earn them a place DTG. After that, everyone seems to be on a fairly level playing field for the AC slots. Jonathan's song is catchy and sweet, and should at least sell truckloads for him when it is released.

Damian said...

I've expected much more from Alcazar and Marie, it's good songs but not their best. But Nina is really WOW! I like this song more and more and really hope she will blast in semifinal, she deserves final more than anyone else to my opinion. Shirley, Caroline and Scotts have just plesant songs. Emilia and Jonathan choose very weak songs to present.

Robpop said...

Alcazar naturally stands need to add anything...

Emilia's is sweet. Out of that selection i like it the most. Putting aside Alcazar...yeah....Emilia's is so warm. It reminds me of Spice Girls Stop.

The okay. I think i need to listen to a bit more to this...Same applies to Marie S. The snippet doesn't give away that much.

Saying that, The Scotts, Caroline af Ugglas and Alcazar will get through.

Poster Girl said...

Paul, Scotts tend to cause that very split opinion in many people. Their song surprises me in how much of a lack of impact it has--I don't love them but I don't hate them either and I think Henrik sounds fine on their latest single, "Om Igen," but I think the song might sound a lot better in someone else's hands. I'd pay to hear Linda's demo version--I bet I'd love it a lot more. To be fair, from this morning to this afternoon its fun boppiness has emerged more for me, but like I said, the lack of impact behind it surprises me for a group that, given the publicity behind them, might have been given a very strong song to keep up interest.

Len, I hope with everything I've got that Alcazar make it to the final. You usually have a good instinct for how things will go over.

Damian, I'm not let down by Alcazar at all--I love it! I think/hope Marie's song will make a lot more sense to us all when we see it performed, especially from reading and seeing pictures from rehearsals. On a random note, I always expect it to become Rebeka Dremelj's "To je prava noč." Oh how I wish Rebeka could have entered Eurovision with that or "Pojdi z menoj" instead of "Vrag naj vzame." I'm glad someone else is liking Nina--doesn't her performance look like it'll be fantastic, too?

Emilia could be a dark horse--her performance looks like it's very well staged. I still wouldn't go placing a bunch of money on her, but she could surprise, and I wouldn't be that surprised if she did. I'm left feeling like I need to hear more of some songs to judge them, too (well, of course that goes for everything, but with some songs you really need to hear more to get a feel of where they're going). Do you think so about Caroline? I'd be very surprised.

Rick said...

**heavy breathing at Alcazar**


eurovisionessex said...

Wow, Alcazar is definitely the best of this bunch. I'm only sad to say that, owing to unforeseen but not unhappy circumstances, I had to cancel my trip to Gothenburg this weekend too see them all live. I'm a bit disappointed with Shirley's song, but I'm sure she'll give a wonderful performance in the Scandinavium tomorrow. I'm with you on Scotts: a potentially very good song they've got here, but maybe it would have been better in the hands of the lovely Linda.

Melodimen said...

Would be good to hear the Linda demo to that song!

Agree with you Postergirl, Emilia was surprising, although the hot money might be on Shirley and The Scotts, be braced for a surprise - Caroline?

Len, I think Alcazar will go DTG (as you say) but probably via AC as is often the case!

Tick tock, can't wait!

Jamie said...

Hmmm, I think Shirley will be direct to Globen. It is the best song by far and the song writing team behind it are Melodifestivalen royalty.

Caroline's song has a nice Monica Zetterlund jazz edge to it which could go down well but we'll see.

Am not that keen on the Alcazar song, they are well past their glory days and are starting to sound like a desperate parody of themselves.