Thursday, February 05, 2009

Stop! Look! Listen!

The Melodifestival update:

The one minute clips of this week's songs will be available on SVT's official Melodifestival site at 1:10 PM Sweden time, meaning 7:10 AM EST. Perfect!

There are multiple places to read about previews and rehearsals, but the pages I'll be obsessively refreshing throughout this whole process are Schlagerprofilerna and Tobbe Ek's Schlagerblogg. I'll say more about them tomorrow.

Bonus Frankmusik update:

It's officially confirmed on his MySpace that Complete Me, Frankmusik's debut album, will come out June 22.


Paul said...

OOO i think i may be more into melodifestivalen this year than other years, though work and other stuff will probably mean i just catch up here again. Still, that's fine by me :)

how hilarious that my word verification is arspheri (arse fairy?)! Jus' saying!

Yuяi said...

That's great news about Frankmusik...finally, a fer shure release date. Excellent!

Poster Girl said...

Paul, you know it makes me happy to hear that :D And that you for clearing that up for me, just in case I wasn't sure what it sounded like ;)

It's great to finally know for sure! It's a while away, but hopefully we'll continue hearing great songs and he'll continue building up support in the meantime.

xolondon said...

June 22? JUNE 22. Gahhhhhhhhhhh. Too long. At least there is good stuff in between.