Saturday, February 07, 2009

Sing a million songs

How has it taken me two days to realize that Måns Zelmerlöw uploaded a clip of a song from his new album (out March 25) on his recently redesigned and rebranded website (which I knew was coming but forgot about)?

It's of a song called "Impossible," which, besides "Hope & Glory," is the only song title I'd heard of for this album. It's mid-tempo, noticeably more R&B-influenced--well, I think by that all I mean is that he's used a Timbaland-style percussion beat. The parent album seems to be called MZW and Alexander was right when he speculated that the picture he posted was the cover. The single cover for "Hope & Glory" is just a close-up of that image.

Speaking of the redesign, Måns has apparently joined the world of blogging and Twitter.


Paul said...

how was i on the site only yesterday and didn't even notice?! GRRRR! I love the new wallpapers mans has done, though am not sure about his beige chinos!

Poster Girl said...

Maybe it wasn't there then, Paul? That would make me feel slightly better. Or worse--maybe it's a good thing if I don't know all Måns news instantly.