Sunday, January 25, 2009

You think our time apart is the problem, and I like you when you're not around

(Please do not post this song link elsewhere.)

A BIG thank you to every one who stuck around through my year end countdown. As a gift of gratitude, I'd like to offer up a brand new song straight out of the von der Burg studios. "Get It Out" is the debut single of the former Swedish Idol contestant Gathania who caught our ears with "Blackout" late last year (which isn't yet released). I quibbled with Alex last year when he asked why September-like songs were being given to artists other than September, who hasn't released brand new material since 2007 (which isn't that long ago, it's September, so I'm always wanting new material from her), mainly because Elin Lanto's "Discotheque" isn't from the people who always do September's music and she doesn't have the same management team as Petra, but "Get It Out" is from those same writers...and boy, is it September-like (second album September, I'd say). It doesn't have Petra's lovely voice on it, but given its music, it's easy to imagine her singing it.

Still, I guess if Petra is understandably distracted with promoting the reworked version of "Can't Get Over" in the UK (she's just filmed a music video for it), we wouldn't be getting new music from her for a little while, so another artist under the von der Burg wing--especially since Danny has moved on (you can imagine his voice on this, too, come to think of it)--is something I'll welcome; I've yet to feel like their output is suffering by spreading it around to some different artists. It's certainly not suffering on "Get It Out," which is, to be honest, fantastic and, at least a few listens in, addictive. Effortlessly catchy dance-pop but with that sophisticated Von der Burg edge--there's something almost haunting about the riff of the chorus and the song even flirts with the piano house style--it makes for what's got to be one of the year's best debut singles. When I heard that "Blackout" wasn't actually her first single, I was a little bit confused, but hearing "Get It Out," I think it makes perfect sense.

(Brief lyrical aside: in a song about finally arguing and both partners finally saying what's on their minds, "just let me fill your heart up with sorrow/'cause it's better than a rotten lie" is stuck in my mind.)

To buy "Get It Out," go here (physical); you should be able to buy it digitally within a few days here.

In other news, did anyone else not realize until now that apparently the West End Girls have a new single titled "A Little Black Dress" (which I think is a Pet Shop Boys track technically not released but available "out there" and done for that musical thing? Feel free to correct me or provide more information) coming out February 11?

Next up: more Swedish pop, either from another young woman or from a male songwriter.


Jump! said...

Wow! This is beautiful- i love the floaty piano sound in the background. Her voice is becoming more distinctive. It was a bit generic on "blackout" - here is restrained but lovely.

I had heard that West End Girls had covered "a little black dress" for their 2nd album but wasn't aware a singles release was on the horizon. And you are correct, "little black dress" is a PSB song from their musical "closer to heaven" that was never used. Of course demo's of the track sung by Neil are out on the net.

Paul said...

Ooo Ok I am now very excited for the second West End Girls album. I am proper eager for it to hit the world! And yes, this song is quite lovely indeed. I'm happy for non september people to do september-y type songs. Perhaps we should say September songs by non september people are in fact August??

Can't Get Over is all OVER the UK at the mo!

Drew said...

Hey Poster Girl, I didnt know where else to post this but do you happen to have CD quality versions of Lisette Vares 'Dream Of Love', 'Surrender' or 'Stop This Hurting'?
I am having really problems finding them. Thankyou for any help you can give me!!!

Poster Girl said...

I know what you mean about "generic." There is still a thinness to her voice, but it's OK or tolerable here, especially when the song has that piano sound you mentioned. Thanks for the back up on the "Little Black Dress" front--I wasn't sure at all. It seems like it's definitely coming out then--it's listed in several stores.

Paul, they've taken FOREVER with it, haven't they? Didn't the first news about it (title, single, etc.) come out a year ago? I like it--August! Good month, too. Great news about "Can't Get Over"--I had no idea how it was doing, and I do really like that remixed version.

Drew, I wish I did! Sadly I didn't know how to grab songs in their proper quality at the time I first heard those :-/ I'll keep an eye out, though.

D'luv said...

Jump!, wasn't "Little Black Dress" on the final Closer To Heaven soundtrack? It's been probably 7 years now since I really listened to that... I should give dig it out.

Chris said...

I'm so happy to find that other people love September (and Jonas Von Der Burg lol) as much as I do! I can't wait to get my hands on the Gathania and Nexx stuff!

Poster Girl said...

D'luv, I've certainly got no idea--maybe you and Jump! could cagefight it out?

Jonas VDB is fantastic! You'll absolutely find a lot of people around here who love September and him :D

Marco said...

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