Monday, January 26, 2009

This Gameboy's off to a level higher

I know Swedish singer and former member of Play Rosanna's had some buzz around her already--in fact, it was Don't Stop The Pop writing about her new material that introduced me to it--but I can't help taking the opportunity to shine the spotlight on her as well. As I mentioned a little while back, I'm probably going to end up writing about her work with Kocky, too, but in the meantime, let's focus on her own material. Rosanna may have grown up from her time in Play, but she still has a partly girlish voice. That's not a bad thing, though; it brings a playfulness to her music. Put that voice over some really well done poppy electronic backings, and you've got a great recipe. Use that recipe to make a whole album and...well, you'd have a pretty welcome solo debut on the music scene.

Gameboy is (as of right now) my favorite of her solo material, but that may be just because it's the poppiest of the songs we've heard so far from her. With all the cute beats bubbling up out of that musical backing, you might expect the lyrics to be just as lighthearted, and in a way, they are, as the title gives away; on the other hand, the device of the title is just the center of the song's key double simile, with Rosanna explaining to some poor girl, "He played you like a Gameboy, like a Gameboy/Couldn't find a better toy" and "He got what he wanted/Don't need no more." It never completely loses its sense of musical fun, though, even if the main verse-chorus structure is set aside less than three minutes into the song for a fade out with Rosanna quietly speak-singing lyrics that take a turn for the darker.

"Gameboy" isn't yet commercially available nor is there news of any sort of commercial solo release for Rosanna, but you can visit her MySpace here and buy her work on Kocky's latest album, Stadium Status, here (physical), here (digital), or internationally on iTunes here.

Next up: that male songwriter or a German female singer whose new song I've already mentioned on here.


Paul said...

ooo former member of Play. How i loved that quirky little group. Hopefully this will do better than sara love (or whatever she is calling herself nowadays) and be more Marie Serneholt (will she ever release new music?!). Anyway this is a cute track - i likes. (Now runs off to listen to Hard Knock Life!)

Mel said...

I think Play was grossly underrated in terms of a pop group, as they brought so much of Europe's good pop and brought it to the States. The reason why I was so shocked by Rosanna (Rosie) going solo was because she rarely sung lead, seeing as she was vocally outshone by Anais and Faye (when she was in the group). But she definitely holds her own. She chose a good style of music to fit her "girlish" voice. Definitely.

Robpop said...

Rosanna is working with the same people behind Isabel Guzman (Tortuga)....I expect big things from them both

Thanks for the shoutout too!

Poster Girl said...

Paul, I know you were a big fan of them! Poor Marie's album didn't do too well--at least she got to release an album, but it's one of those "in bargain bins everywhere" sort of things. Hopefully it goes better for her this time around!

I didn't know that, Mel (about the vocal distributions)--I missed out on Play the first time around so, though I know some of their songs, I've got no idea who sings what. That does make it interesting, then.

Bobby, you deserve it--it's you her introduced her to the world :D They're two of our biggest pop hopes going, I think.