Sunday, November 16, 2008

You're moving ahead so fast tomorrow's yesterday

One of the most reliable sources of quality music from Sweden is Von der Burg productions, the team behind September as well as the creators of countless other brilliant songs (including, probably most relevantly for today's post, the songs that launched Danny's career). It's no surprise, then, that I've been very excited about the debut single from former Idol contestant Gathania. While we wait for September to finally give us some new material, Gathania, via the Von der Burg team, has delivered her first single (for a short time only, as usual), a catchy dance-pop song that starts off as a piano ballad but then smoothly progresses into more dance territory while still keeping its lovely melodicness. Sung to a cheating (ex-)partner as Gathania vows that "now I'm gonna make you cry," the song, even in its more uptempo moments, stays away from overpowering hard dance beats, keeping those beats backgrounded to a certain degree (except in moments of vocal pause) and instead using them to simply keep the song interesting and moving forward (as well as to allow us all to dance). It's as good as we'd expect from this team, though where it'll ultimately rank in terms of their back catalogue is too early to determine; let's hope it's a sign of good things to come from the album, whenever it's available, though.

I have absolutely no idea when this song is going to be made commercially available (it will be, though), but until then, you can visit Gathania's management page.

Next up: maybe that British pop-rock.


Damian said...

Dear, I love you!!!!!!!!!!
I was waiting for this track so long!!! Already listening for 1-minute sample about month and thought it will be forever. Now expecting some great video for it.
It pretends to be one of my personal songs of the year, though Charlotte's "Hero" is my #1 no doubt.
There is only one minus - lack of vocal line developing, chorus is the same every time.

Andrew said...

Can I just say THANK YOU!!!
You provide the BEST music without a doubt. I am so excited to learn out more about Gathania and CAN NOT WAIT for more music from her. Thank you once again for the great post!

Alexander said...

I... I do like Gathania and I love "Blackout" but I wish Von der Burg would leave this sound with September, it's basically her trade-mark, now they're making the exact same sound for Gathania, Elin Lanto (not as obvious, but stil...) and it makes September less original and special. I think it's sad and stupid.

Damian said...

But it's not them who works with Lanto, right? The thing is that electro-pop becomes more and more popular that's why now more artists with Septemberish sound will appear.

Poster Girl said...

Awww, Damian and Andrew, thank you! I was actually surprised to hear the full thing at this point, too.

I think (and correct me if I'm wrong, someone!) Elin and September have different management and get their songs from different people but are both signed to the same record label. Alex, I am kind of surprised that they (and by that I guess I mean Victoria Ekberg and VDB) went for another signing and music creation in this style--maybe I shouldn't be, given September's success. Gathania and Petra do have different voices, if nothing else, but I do completely understand where you're coming from; I wonder when September is going to release more (new) music? Are they planning on still taking a while? Also, and I know this won't make much of a difference in terms of your feelings, but I was thinking earlier today that how backgrounded the dance beats are in the Gathania sound is different from September's songs; still, that's just a subtle thing that probably doesn't really affect what people in general will think.

Alexander said...

Alright, alright... Forget I ever mentioned Elin Lanto (although 'Discotheque' is September-ish.) ;-)

September said earlier this fall there would be a new single out before christmas. (She probably gave it to Gathania. :D)
I'm sure we'll get something new rather sooner than later. I'll keep my ears and eyes open!

Damian said...

And this "new" single is "Because I Love You" :D
I'm not afraid of waiting for new September's stuff long time, Von Der Burgs have created album for Lucky Twice and we haven't feel that release process stopped for September though if now they was working for Gathania and Nexx we can wait for really new stuff till next summer at least.

Aaron said...

Can't wait to hear an album! I'm very excited - I also can't wait to hear more from September too - I got her Aus. release on the release date though!

Poster Girl said...

I'll be looking forward to the news--I'm sure you'll hear it first!

Are the VDBs doing all of Nexx's new stuff, Damian?

I'm sure September appreciates it, Aaron :D

Damian said...

Niclas Kings said that they (2N Productions) has made 5 tracks for Nexx' album. So I guess Jonas doesn't produce everything on this album.

Poster Girl said...

I'll take 2N Productions just as excitedly! This really could be a great album from's been YEARS coming, though, so it's about time!