Sunday, January 18, 2009

A good beat never hurt no one

I was going to try not to have any more interruptions of my countdown until it finished, but I can't help it--I need to take a moment to talk about some things I'm listening to.

Remember Johan Krafman and his Ola-meets-the-Bassflow-remixes-of-Martin-Stenmarck song "Disarmed"? Well, he's uploaded another Bassflow-produced song onto his MySpace. It's called "Chain Reaction" and, though it's not instantly as addicting as "Disarmed," I'd eagerly buy an album in this sound.

Speaking of songs you can listen to on MySpace, I also noticed today that the full radio version of Jeanette's "Undress To The Beat"--a kind of Holly Valance-esque song (I say "kind of" partly because that's not a perfect comparison but also because I don't want you to get your expectations too high) I mentioned my interest in a little while ago--is playing on a MySpace site here. It'll need some time for me to decide its long-lasting value, but I'm willing to give it that time. Its co-writers include Johan "Kermit" Bobäck (Cyndi Lauper's "Into The Nightlife" and "Echo," Elin Lanto's "Speak 'n Spell," Darin's "Seasons Fly") and Måns Ek, I think.

Do you ever wonder to yourself how you've been missing out on an artist all this time? That's how I'm feeling about Swedish artist Kocky (the artist name for David Åström) at the moment. I've always known of him, for sure, but I've never really paid proper attention to him, so yes, it's all my fault for not picking up on him earlier. It's his connection to Rosanna, whose new music I've been excited about since Robpop wrote about it some months ago, that got me to check him out now. I'll be writing more about him in the future as I digest everything, but I just wanted to give you the heads-up--he may have multiple moments of amazingness. Basically, HYPE HYPE HYPE HYPE HYPE. Check out his MySpace in the meantime.

"4-Ever Juvenile," a Kocky single, features Tinchy Stryder, and Frankmusik is reporting that his first "proper" single (apparently "3 Little Words" wasn't it) will be "Better Off As Two," will come out in March, and will have a rap from Tinchy added in. A supposed tracklisting for Complete Me has popped up on a British CD retailer site as well as a supposed release date, June 22. A March release date, as had originally been reported, probably would be too quick, so I can live with the wait. The tracklisting:

1.) 3 Little Words
2.) Better Of As 2
3.) Confusion Girl
4.) When You're Around
5.) Complete Me
6.) Boyfriend
7.) Your Boy
8.) Wonder Woman
9.) Vacant Heart
10.) Done Done
11.) Run Away From Trouble
12.) Olivia

My first reaction was "oh thank goodness, 'Vacant Heart' is on it." My second was "aww, no 'Questionable Times.'"If "Boyfriend" is "Gotta Boyfriend"--and it might not be, I've got no idea--I think I've heard versions of all but "Your Boy" and "Wonder Woman," but that's fine; this is Frankmusik, so much of what we've heard will probably have been tweaked anyway and his album should be made as great as possible, so I can hardly hold him sharing songs with us early against him. Plus, there's always b-sides to look forward to. The kind of but not totally ballad title track is uploaded on Frankmusik's MySpace at the moment and it's worth your time.

I've now had two different lines from Daniel Merriweather's as yet unreleased material running across the top of my blog, if that's any indication of my interest in the soul singer's upcoming Ronson-produced material (though oddly neither from his new proper lead single, "Change"). I adored "Stop Me," so I'm hoping he'll end up with something to rival that cover.

I've been meaning to mention here on the blog and not just in comments elsewhere that I really like "Boys And Girls" and "The Fall" on young British singer Pixie's MySpace. "The Fall" is catchy light-on-its-feet British pop and "Boys And Girls" is a little heavier, with verses kind of influenced by that popular '60's sound, but with a bit of electro-without-actually-being-electro crunch in the chorus to cancel that out; let's put it this way: I'm exhausted of that sound, and I love it, so it's not really in that style. She's got some great songwriters behind her, so hopefully her teen pop will end up with a great year both in quality and commercial success.

While I'm on a MySpace roll, I might as well write about Jasmine Baird, who I've loved for quite some time...once again, since DSTP introduced me to her! I need the full version of "The Truth" like you have no idea. I've got absolutely no idea how to describe it, beyond AMAZING. It's got a huge opening, maybe somewhat '80's a la Cyndi Lauper but modern, too. Listen to it on her MySpace here. I'd really love for it to be her who releases it--it's the sound of a brilliant songwriter and artist creating a new space for herself in the world of pop.

Different is Dangerous's list of 2008's best remixes has me listening to the Designer Drugs remix of Mariah Carey's "I'll Be Lovin' U Long Time" over and over again. It has so much more energy, sparkle, and ...vroom reworked like that.

You know what someone really needs to turn into a proper pop song? "Heavy Leather," this made for TV commercials and shows song. It's got this deep bass groove, kind of a little bit like a Goldfrapp song or Christina Aguilera's "Keeps Gettin' Better" (though it's older than that song). Listen to it in the background of this video clip or this video clip. Someone turn that riff into a real song, please.

Daggers have uploaded a less joyous synth filled ballad to their MySpace. "Death It Feels," "Money," and "Lost In The Distance" are still this synth-pop group's key tracks for me, but when are they going to conquer the world like they deserve to? I'd go groupie for these guys.

Courtesy of Worrapolava, I've been playing Adam Ant's "Playboy" today. I've always loved "Goody Two Shoes" (which was just written about by the much-missed CFB Goes Pop girls), but I think I may feel a proper listen to the greatest hits of his I own coming on soon.

If you're interested in what albums I'm excited about in the coming year, you couldn't do better than read #1 Hits' and MuuMuuse's lists of the albums they're most excited for--together, they cover everything I would have included that we definitely know about (well, I'd probably throw on a few more artists participating in this year's Melodifestival).

The list could go on, but I'll cut it off there for now. Oh, wait, one more thing: Kelly Clarkson's "My Life Would Suck Without You." As I've said elsewhere, I'm nervous about how this song will hold up in the long run for me, but right now I'm playing it a lot. Dan Priddy's electro "The Truth" fits in that same category, though I'm playing it a lot less than the very easy to listen to "My Life Would Suck Without You."


Nick said...

Wow, I freaking love those Johan Krafman songs! Does he have any sort of an album planned? His myspace is shockingly no-frills (with a disconcerting lack of views!)

Oh, and Adam Ant... what can I say? One of my favorite popstars of the 80's and so underrated.

Paul said...

Aaah Kelly C. I am loving it a lot right now, but yeah, may get bored of it quite quickly. Who knows?! I will check out Dan Priddy

Don't know much Adam Ant other than the singles, and other than he threw my perfect pronounciation score in school when i was 7 or 8 - i got 99 out of hundred cos I couldn't pronounce adamant. But Mark Owen's 3:15 on How The Mighty Fall is quite adam anty... and good.

Are Daggers ever going to be massive, or will they be another myspace heartbreak act like Lorraine :(

I'm way behind with checking out new music. I must check out Frankmusic and er, Kocky pretty soon.

All in all a great and informative post.

will said...

Yes, totally agreed. I think I'm actually already bored of the new Kelly, one week after its leak:p eeee

Yay for "Vacant Heart"!! I hope it gets an actual release!!



raspberry29 said...

Unfortunately Jasmine is just focusing on being a writer now as she's too old to be a popstar. Shame.

Poster Girl said...

Nick, he's been recording stuff, but I'm not sure--he won a contest Mix Megapol was running, and that's how he got the deal he's got now, but I'm not sure how far it extends. "Disarmed" got some radio play but didn't really take off for him, so things might be limbo-y if the deal was just for some songs; I've got no idea how good a deal it was, too. The MySpace thing is disconcerting--I think the low play number has something to do with the fact that it doesn't really come up if you just do a google search for him. Phil sent me some more Adam Ant songs and I'm kind of in love.

Paul, I'd put Dan on the bottom end of an ordered list of which of these recommendations people should check out first, but the song is one I've listened to, so I mentioned it. At least Lorraine actually have a deal and release in their native country. Frankmusik = love for me at the moment.

Oh no! Hopefully you'll have some revived interest in it in the future :) You're so right about "Vacant Heart"--it HAS to get a single release. Or should. Although if it did and then didn't do well I'm not sure how I'd cope.

What a shame! And people think I'm crazy for my aging paranoia. Thanks for the info, though--it's good to know for sure. "The Truth" is such a great track.

Mel said...

It's funny you bring up Rosanna Munter! I only realized she went solo a little while ago, and I do dig some of the tunes as well. I loved Play back in my early teenage years. Haha. What's your favorite song by her? I love "Flashing Lights" and "Gameboy".

Rick said...

I'm all for Kelly's new single, esp after the last strange album. Well done for supporting it.

Now get on with your countdown!

Poster Girl said...

"Gameboy" is definitely my favorite "just Rosanna" song! Someone needs to sign her quickly...waiting for it to be released might drive me crazy.

I liked "Never Again," but I really couldn't believe how cold most of that album left me feeling. I love Kelly, though, so I'm very much pro-her making great music again. I've been agonizing over this countdown for too long, messing around with the order (or more accurately, listening to a song, thinking "oh my gosh, this is so brilliant--surely it deserves to be higher in the list?", desperately trying to find some way to bump it up, and then not being able to)--I need to just finish it!

D'luv said...

I overplayed Kelly, admittedly, and am now stepping back from it a bit.

A year or two later, when the dust settled on "Since U Been Gone," it turned into one of those songs I never get tired of hearing. "My Life..." is a bit more bubblegum, so may not hold up as well. But it's amazing the first five minutes you're chewing it, at least...!

Poster Girl said...

D'luv, that analogy is perfect. And really, right now, all I'm concerned about is those first five minutes--I'm having a great time with it. I love the (cheesy) drum roll over the chorus near the end.