Friday, January 23, 2009

#26 Take That, "Greatest Day"

Watch the world come alive tonight

I know it's cheesy as all get out, but I still adore the music video for "Greatest Day," the lead single for British group Take That's lead single for their latest album, The Circus; in everything, from the lighting due to the time of day it's set at to the arms-open-wide gestures to the moment when the group turns into sparks of light, it captures exactly how the song makes me feel. Reassuring, uplifting, feel good--take your pick of the adjectives, but Take That did it again.

Incidentally, if you set aside "Greatest Day" for a moment, the two best tracks on The Circus for me are "The Garden" and "Hold Up A Light." "How Did It Come To This" is slightly behind, followed by "Said It All" and "Up All Night" (maybe "Hello"). "Sleepwalking," a "Greatest Day" b-side, is also a real highlight from this era.

Find it on: The Circus


Keira said...

My brother played me this song over Christmas, and I thought it was alright. I think I'd like it more if I didnt have an in-built dislike for Take That from my childhood. Anyway, the main problem I have with this song is it just has "cheesy theme music for every sporting event highlights show from here to the olympics" stamped all over it.
But you got to give the man credit, he does a good job at writing that kind of uplifting song perfect for such events.

Paul said...

i LOVE this song, and actually the whole album. I would say that the garden is actually quite amazing indeed, but not single material (that is perhaps the record company think it's not instant enough). However, had i heard the entire album before i knew greatest day was a lead single, i probably wouldn't have plumped for that either. It's very ace indeed. I am happy with Up All Night as second single - a little obvious but deliciously more-ish.

Poster Girl said...

Ha ha, I'd never thought of that use, but you're right, it kind of does!

"Up All Night" fits perfectly with the pattern that D'luv pointed out! I hope it does well for them, and that the third single, whatever it is, is a hit, too.