Friday, January 23, 2009

#25 Ola, "Love In Stereo"

Give me love in stereo
Give me more of the attraction
'Cause I'm dying for some more

Give me love in stereo
Give me total satisfaction
'Cause I gotta have it all

You got the best of me
You'll get the rest of what is left

Tony Nilsson and Bassflow (what, you didn't think "Feelgood" would be the only time they'd be appearing on this list, did you? Nor will "Love In Stereo" be the last...) do John Farnham's "Your The Voice" for Melodifestivalen. Bagpipes, a great catchy Swedish pop melody, one of my favorite songwriting and production teams working with one of the artists they do their best work for--all that would be enough to get me to love the song. However, should you need further proof that "Love In Stereo" was robbed of its place at Globen and is worthy of Melodifestival classic status, I offer up the following three points:

1.) You can do Charlotte Perrelli's three-part "Hero" point to the climatic part of the middle 8.

2.) You can have ridiculous debates about whether the song is one giant innuendo, a la "Det gör ont."

3.) It's amazing.

That's a pretty rock-solid argument if I've ever seen one.

Find it on: Good Enough: The Feelgood Edition


eurovisionessex said...

Don't worry, Poster Girl, I don't need any further proof of this song's greatness ;o) I have to say, however, that it was pleasing to be alerted to its Perrelli-style finger-pointing possibilities. One can only hope more delights await us in Goteborg in two weeks' time!

Paul said...

ooo new dance routines. it is currently part of my "i'm bored with listening to the same steps tracks as part of the claire fight the flab dvd so i'm making my own soundtrack" workout routine (along with My Life Would Suck Without You, Gormenasia and numerous others). It fits in perfectly to the combat routine, and sexy backing workout dude Brett does a cheeky wink as the chorus comes back in after the middle eight which is rather delightful i feel.

Poster Girl said...

I've got my fingers crossed! When they aren't doing the Perrelli point, that is ;)

Paul, that sounds like a pretty great workout list. I was just messing around with mine the other day--it needs some new bite. Sadly no Brett for me, though :-/