Sunday, January 18, 2009

#27 Star Pilots, "In The Heat Of The Night"

'Cause tonight I'm gonna start a fire
I'm gonna lose my self control
Yeah, I know what I want
Nothing's gonna stop me now

On "In The Heat Of The Night," Swedish "group" (actually more a producer project done with the vocals of Johan Becker and with other men to front the group, though a whole new set of men that includes Johan will be making up the group at this year's Melodifestival) Star Pilots wear their influences on their sleeve, but boy, what influences they are. Coming off as a combination of Uniting Nations and Sunblock, the group dedicates themselves to celebrating all things '80's, describing themselves as taking us back to a time when we listened to music like Europe and Samantha Fox and watched films like Top Gun and Dirty Dancing. That's exactly what they do on "In The Heat Of The Night," but in a way that totally fits in with modern dance, as if they've made a proper original dance-pop song inspired by all the '80's sampling dance hits we've had this century. "In The Heat Of The Night," with its sparkling production, great melody, and great vocals, is exhilarating in the best sort of cheesy way.

Find it on: "In The Heat Of The Night" (Single)


Robpop said...

I LOVE this! They need to bring out an album. Immediately.

Robpop said...

By the way, when i was in Sweden for gay pride I had to listen to this 900 times. It destroyed it for me. Only now can i celebrate its brilliance.

Robpop said...

But it takes me right back to Stockholm Pride. For that reason alone its AMAZING.

Paul said...

woah! Reign it in there bobby :P Hehe, i LOVE this song, because it's totally cheesy and yet totally boyband and totally addictive. It made me dig out my tom cruise in top gun poster, which still has the letters IHASILTC on the front (which was my fourteen year old self saying I Have A Secret I LOVE Tom Cruise, but in a clever code that no one would ever crack. Ahem. That love has long since faded).

Poster Girl said...

Robpop, I'm SO envious that you got to go to Pride. I bet that would have driven me crazy, too. I'm not so sure about the new "casting" of the group, though, but we'll see.

Paul, that code is amazing. Your reaction at that time was understandable, too.

Adem With An E said...

I've been following your list on my phone whilst on holiday... incredible stuff, I'm in absolute awe at the work you've put into it oh lovely one.


Poster Girl said...

Adem, you're too sweet! Thank you. I hope you're enjoying your away-from-it-all time.

Disco D said...

Major swedish cheese!

I loved this single from May 2008.
It definitely deserves to be re-released in 2009.
It's a shame the remixes aren't great.

A&R, Joakim Stenhammar, should've commissioned Cahill to do a mix - their mixes are always great, especially the Agnes remix.
Plus, and this is a bit out there, Soulchild would do a fantastic job too - he did Gorillaz, Justin Timberlake, & Bent 'To Be Loved'.

Instead, we get generic uninspired remixes from Digital Dog, Wawa, this time around. Oh well, at least we have the original mix!

Thanks uploader :)