Saturday, January 17, 2009

#28 George Sampson, "Get Up On The Dance Floor"

Bring it on just like before
Let your body do the talkin'

I don't care how much abuse I have to take--"Get Up On The Dance Floor" may be completely RIDICULOUS, primarily a bunch of samples from famous dance tracks strung together, but it is also BRILLIANT. Sure, anything that lends itself to choreographed group dancing always has a huge chance of winning me over, but there's no part of this pop song that doesn't work for me. Even the Yazoo sample manages to seem winning and fresh in a year where Yazoo samples were suddenly all over the place (not that that's probably ever going to be a bad thing, to be fair). I realize being catchy and fun is not the be all and end of all of music, that that doesn't necessarily mean a song is good and that we all have different definitions of "catchy" and "fun," so I can only speak for myself when I say that "Get Up On The Dance Floor" is a song I had way too much fun listening to this year, a song I didn't have to work at liking; in the space of less than two months, it's apparently become my sixth most listened to song on Having a video I loved certainly didn't hurt it either.

Find it on: Get Up On The Dance Floor/Headz Up (Single)


John said...

No argument from me. I thought this was brilliant from the get-go. Thanks for recognizing this quickly-forgotten gem.

Mike said...

Did I miss something or did you just post 345 updates in the space of an afternoon?! Not that I'm complaining - it makes great reading X

Poster Girl said...

John, and I thank you for liking it, too!

That sounds about right, Mike! I finally got some free time and figured I better pick up the pace and do a bunch while I could.

Paul said...

yeah i'm with mike, i got back from a weekend away and i'm deluged with quality countdownage! And i love this song. George is freaking adorable. Like a Polly Pocket!

Robpop said...

It should have done a lot better than it did.

Poster Girl said...

Paul, oh my gosh, Polly Pocket! Wow, I'm nostalgia tripping now. But thank you :)

Robpop, hearing you say that is great! It just makes me so happy--it's so fun.