Saturday, January 17, 2009

#29 Alexander Schöld, "Den Första Svalan"

Januari var så mörk
Kall var februari
Men värmen fanns där inom mig
För hjärtat fanns du kvar i

I've never understood the appeal of instrumental versions of tracks...well, I guess I can imagine people who can sing or like to remix might have some purpose for them, but I've never had any interest in them whatsoever.

It's remarkable, then, that I can actually listen to the instrumental of "Den Första Svalan," Swedish singer Alexander Schöld's second single and his Melodifestival entry, and find it enjoyable. Remarkable, but maybe not surprising--the team behind "Den Första Svalan" is Epicentre, a Swedish songwriter duo who have been responsible for some of the best "pure pop" tracks to come out of the country. The Cheiron team (including Max Martin) may be more famous, but the people who gave us LMNT's "Juliet," Jessica Folcker's "Crash Like A Wrecking Ball" and "Punk," Agnes's "Emotional" (originally Mikaila's, I think) and "Love Is All Around," A*Teens's "Back For More," "Hi And Goodbye," and "Firefly," Bosson's "I Believe," Natural's "Put Your Arms Around Me," Bec Cartwright's "All Seats Taken," B3's "Easy Way Out," Darin's "Perfect" and "Everything But The Girl," Nanne's "Kom Hit" (which I love SO MUCH), and others deserve a place in the worshiped Swedish songwriter constellation.

The musical backing Epicentre created for this song is top-notch catchy pure pop, though admittedly with some piano and guitar-like parts that give it an interesting, almost haunting sound. Generally, though, it's a pumping pop track, one Alexander's unique voice is at least tolerable on (and for me at this point, welcome). Apparently originally titled "One More Night" (its Swedish title translates to "The First Swallow" in the bird), it works well with Pling Forsman's Swedish lyrics about a summer relationship that the narrator thought of all winter and now, with the first sign of summer, hopes will come again, too. If you miss the teen pop of the late '90's and early '00's (when this song was written, in fact), I strongly recommend giving "Den Första Svalan" a listen; I really think it's one of the best things Epicentre have ever done.

Find it on: Melodifestivalen 2008


Anonymous said...


if you like this you should check out danish singer Allan Stage... you might like it:-)


Troy said...

OMG YES! You've got it spot on with this one! Im so glad you've got this high on your list. Its going to be very high on my list as well!

He was actually a bit of an ass in person btw.

But he sang an amazing acoustic version of this track outside and it was AWESOME.

Poster Girl said...

Hi, Sue! I LOVE getting recommendations, so I'll definitely go check out his work.

Troy, woo! :D I love that you were able to get us the info on what people were like in person. I can't wait for your Melodifestival updates this year, especially since I'll be enviously sitting here on the other side of the Atlantic.