Friday, January 02, 2009

#96 Magnus Carlsson, "Crazy Summer Nights"

(I accidentally forget to publish this post originally. Oops!)

(No one on YouTube has uploaded this song, so all I can do is post this live performance, but it's a very different arrangement of the song, which has far fewer horns and is far bouncier and more electronic and disco--basically, the proper version is much better.)

We're just havin' fun

I've long maintained that this song, taken from the ex-Barbados and Alcazar singer's 2007 album released in the aftermath of "Live Forever," should have been been the second single from that era; in both timing and quality, it's a much better fit than "Waves Of Love" was (though "Waves Of Love" did have a much better single cover). Pure disco-pop joy meant for summer, "Crazy Summer Nights" is Swede-pop at its best; to be honest, the song would have probably ranked much higher in my 2007 countdown that it does here, and that's with 2008 probably having been a better year for singles. A little bit of the exciting shine of novelty might have been rubbed from the song in that time, but it's still just as fun to listen to, just as smile-inducing and dance-inducing as you'd hope a song from an artist with Magnus's pop potential would be.

Incidentally, in addition to "Live Forever," which is "Take On Me" crossed with Bosson, I still strongly recommend "What About Love" and "Don't You Worry" from the same album.

Find it on: Live Forever - The Album

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