Friday, January 02, 2009

#95 New Kids On The Block, "Dirty Dancing"

Ooo, it's so crazy
She's like Baby
I'm like Swayze

Even a cheap, movie-promoting video can't disguise a catchy if completely dorky mid-tempo pop song from the reformed New Kids. Well, maybe it can a little bit, but hey, at least the last thing to happen is mildly amusing.

Based mainly on a cute piano riff, a one-syllable chanting sort of backing beat, lots of electronic backing effects, and some chorus vocal processing that could make you think you're listening to a Sean Kingston song, "Dirty Dancing" is the cute side of RedOne songwriting. I love good ridiculous lyrics, especially when put over a good beat, and the title-producing lines of "Dirty Dancing" are a doozy; the fact that the song doesn't just use the Dirty Dancing metaphor as a one-off reference but instead makes it the basis of the song only endears it to me even more. For me, the NKOTB album was one of the most refreshing surprises of the year; there's still no way I'd claim it's a good album all the way through, but to miss out on songs like "Twisted," Timbaland's best song of quite some time, and "Full Service" is a sacrifice you all really shouldn't be making.

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Aaron said...

Twisted is EPIC!

Poster Girl said...

Aaron, I'm so glad you love it, too :D It was good this year to have someone else who found worthy things from this album (though there were a few other bloggers, like John and D'luv, who did at the time, too).