Friday, January 02, 2009

#97 Tilly and the Wall, "Beat Control"

All these people talkin' 'bout you now,
They don’t make no difference no
We always have the rhythm here,
In our blood and in our souls

So let the beat control you now,
There’s nothing here to care about
Just you and me let’s break it down,
So follow me I’ll show you how

American group Tilly and the Wall may be "indie pop," but "Beat Control" is so utterly poppy and complete in sound that that fact only comes through gently and in the best possible way during the infectious "Beat Control." While the Ting Tings were off making music that felt like it was beating me over the head and drove me crazy, "Beat Control" was the softer alternative, adorably and sweetly catchy and with chants that fit naturally and never got on my nerves. The organ introduction is a bit deceptive, though as soon as the vocals come in you begin to get a feel for where the song is really getting; the entrance of the drums brings you a little closer to understanding the song, and by the time the guitar and electronic touches have come in, the whole product just fits together so easily that you're more than willing to let its beat control you--this may not be an insistent dance beat, but it's so charming that on good will generated alone you're willing to give yourself over to it.

Find it on: Beat Control EP

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