Friday, January 02, 2009

#90 Kendi, "Connected"

We may seem connected but the lines are shut now
This may seem electric but the power's been cut down
Still seems there's something between us,
We're not connected, the connection's between us

Finnish duo Kendi have yet to do anything to rival their debut single, a revving dance song in the '90's style except for one thing: instead of a deep-voiced man talking his way through the verses and a woman coming in to sing the chorus hook, the woman talk-raps the verses here and the man sings the chorus. Catchy and with verses that never let up, "Connected" pulses with energy and life as well as some attitude, in no small part due to those female-performed verses. It's great music to dance or mime mindlessly to, and that's no insult.

Find it on: Loudspeaker

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