Friday, January 02, 2009

#91 Koda Kumi, "Taboo"

I know it's our secret
Gotta keep it to yourself tonight

The first Asian song in two years to make my year end countdown. It won't be the last, but my knowledge of and appreciation for Asian music remains at embarrassingly low levels--I fully expect that once I find a few "gateway" songs and artists, I'll grow to appreciate others, much like what happened with, say, schlager. Still, an entire continent, one full of artists of all different types--I really should be paying more attention to and loving more music that comes out of Asia. What I need, I think, is a great blog focused on Asian music, something that can still appeal to beginners like me.

On to this song: "Taboo" is a dance-pop song from popular Japanese singer Koda Kumi. I can't understand a bit of Japanese, but the instrumental and lyrical parts are catchy enough to make that not matter (and, as with many J-pop songs, there are random English phrases and words scattered throughout). Catchy enough that, on nothing but sounds alone, it makes it onto the list.

Find it on: Trick (due out January 28)


Anonymous said...

what’s really freaky is how different kumi-chan looks before she had her huge makeover and became a big star

Anonymous said...

koda kumi rules! can't wait for new album universe next month