Friday, January 02, 2009

#89 Jonathan (Fagerlund), "Dance In The Shadows"

I dance in the shadows
Afraid to take a chance and join you in the light
Darkness surrounding me like a lover

One man boy band pop from young Swedish singer Jonathan Fagerlund, "Dance In The Shadows" is a good summary of Jonathan at his best: melodic pop that, as mentioned, could easily be sung by a boy band but that, instead of being produced with a foot in the R&B or electronic worlds, bases itself on the sound of "real instruments," not as a way of making any sort of point (I've certainly never heard it mentioned during the promotion of Jonathan's music; it's just a fact) but presumably because using guitars (lightly) and strings can lead to such a pretty and still driving music backdrop. That makes the song both very Swedish and unlike a lot of the Swede pop I rave about here, but hopefully after his participation in next year's Melodifestival the Swedish music world will make room for Jonathan (though I'm not expecting good results for him, much as I expect I'll love his song; his young age and the fact that he eschews dance, disco, and schlager-style production means I don't expect a Måns-type breakout for him in Sweden itself or among Melodifestival fans). Unlike too few songs from Jonathan's debut album, "Dance In The Shadows," the third single from it, is up-tempo, and all the more enjoyable for it.

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Paul said...

Oh i am so enamoured of young Jonathan's music! it's way overdue for some more attention in angleterre! I am planning to do a review of his and Danny's album very soon indeed. Oh and i totally agree about your McFly comments - good for them may well be excellent for anyone else, but is simply not good enough. If that makes sense. And i think you know it does :P

Poster Girl said...

I'll be looking forward to those, Paul! I just wish Jonathan had more up-tempo songs, but supposedly his next album will. And I'd nod my head at anything you say (as Christine Milton would put it), but you make extra sense there ;)