Sunday, January 04, 2009

#64 BWO, "Lay Your Love On Me"

We can dance all night with the bourgeoisie
Oh-oh, oh-oh
Lay your love on me

A return to form for BWO after a run of singles not up to the group's usual excellent high standard, "Lay Your Love On Me" was the Swedish version of Madonna's "Hung Up"...which sampled ABBA, so it all cycles back in the end. "Lay Your Love On Me" is pop group BWO doing what they do best, and as a result has all the quality, catchiness, drama, slightly confusing ridiculous but "deep"-sounding lyrics, and even the "woah"s and "oh-oh"s we've come to love from the group. Why doesn't the song come a little higher up in the countdown? In part, that's a result of a fact that didn't hurt the song when performed live but that is a bit of a drawback when you listen to it on its own: the climax of the song is just...silence. This made sense when they debuted the song at Melodifestivalen--that moment of musical silence was when a bunch of pyrotechnics went off--but it leaves me feeling a little cheated when I listen to "Lay Your Love On Me" without watching the Elizabethan-style performance. Still, "Lay Your Love On Me" really is an excellent track, much better than #64 makes it look, and it succeeded in getting me excited about BWO's future all over again; music like this is worthy of them.

Find it on: Pandemonium: The Singles Collection


Aaron said...

Yes - The three new tracks on the Greatest Hits have to be some of their strongest material!

I personally preferred The Bells Of Freedom, but this is still good.

Paul said...

I too prefer Bells of Freedom, but i do really like lay your love on me and find myself coming back to it more and more frequently lately. I cannot wait to hear their new song for melodifestivalen! Hurrah for them never taking a break!!

Poster Girl said...

Oh, guys, I'm on such a different page from you two in regards to the new tracks on the greatest hits--"Barcelona" and "Bells of Freedom" are completely underwhelming for me and actually undermined the hope in the group that "Lay Your Love On Me" had built up. I'm quite nervous about the Melodifestival track, too.

Troy said...

WHAT?! 64??!

UGh you're killing me!

Poster Girl said...

Troy, 64 is a great position! I have pages and pages and pages in a Word document listing songs that were contending for this list. Plus, maybe it'll take some of the pain away if I hint that this might not be the last time you'll see the group on this countdown ;)