Sunday, January 04, 2009

#63 The Saturdays, "Up"

This is the final call for all destinations,
This is where you're in or out,
No hesitation, this is not the time for doubts,
Make your decision,
Are you on or off the line, ine, ine

British group the Saturdays were a welcome addition to the pop scene this year, and my affection for "Up" is far in excess of what a #63 placing probably makes it look like--it's a song I was thrilled to see make Adem's top 20, and I was even more thrilled when the song made it to the top of Melismatic's countdown. In other words, this song could quite easily be my #1 as well. Yes, I had that much trouble ranking my songs this year.

A mid-tempo song of much more originality and catchiness than "If This Is Love," "Up" is the result of fantastic songwriting and production from Quiz & Larossi (as well as Ina Wroldsen, who did lyrics on much of the Saturdays' debut album) and great singing from the girls. A constant electronic beat, synths taking you up and down at just the right moments, a vocal melody that gets itself stuck in your head after one listen--it's almost everything pop from today should be, the sort of song that had to be a hit or a major pop injustice would have occurred. The pop delights of the aforementioned album, Chasing Lights, didn't stop there, though--it's not all killer no filler, but quite a few of the tracks on it are worth a pop lovers' time and provide a sound that no other British girl group was doing this year.

Find it on: Chasing Lights


Nikki said...

Wait, THE Quiz & Larossi wrote this song? They wrote my favorite track on Westlife's third album! Whoa.

*bows down to them*

Aaron said...

I quite like what I've heard of the album (Again, waiting for it to arrive...) - but I do seem to prefer If This Is just seems more Me!

Paul said...

Up is indeed immense and sadly i did not embrace it as I should have when it came out - it was only when i heard it played loud and proud at the pub every saturday that i became a little enamoured of it. I have this nagging doubt that they won't really be as successful as they should be - not because i don't want them to be and not because i don't think they deserve it but more because... just because. One of those feelings :( Prove me wrong world!

John said...

First off, I am immensely enjoying your year-end recap. It's almost overwhelming in it's detail, and I am in awe. As for "Up", I'm with Paul in the fact that I didn't appreciate it as I should have originally, and I think you posting the video explains why. There is NOTHING redeeming about that video to me. The editing, the choreography, the's horrible. But I heard the track on Radio 1 last week, and it took a whole day to get it out of my head.

Having said that, "If This Isn't Love" is still my preferred track. It really is a good CD from start to finish, unlike a lot of uneven CDs that came out of the UK this year (not that I would single out the Sugababes at all).

Poster Girl said...

Yup! They're such amazing writers/producers!

Aaron (and John), Heidi Montag used that sample better.

Paul, I'd like to get another album from them, if they keep up like this, so I'll hope they make it, too.

Thanks, John! Yeah, it really is more than I should probably be subjecting anyone to ;)