Sunday, January 04, 2009

#65 Jonathan (Fagerlund), "Playing Me"

You're fading out of my heart into history
Don't wanna work it out, we're through you and me

"Playing Me" is a song I've lived with, at least in part, for so long now (since spring of 2007) that its location on this countdown is probably hurt as a result. Still, all this time on I still can't believe that we were treated to a boy band-type melody as great as this one. I have a huge tolerance for catchy uplifting boy pop music, and "Playing Me," being the sort of thing that has me written all over it, fills my need for that type of music easily. As with the rest of Jonathan's songs, it bases its production more on the sound of "real instruments" than most boy band or one man boy band songs do, but, even more so than on "Dance In The Shadows," that's for no other reason than the fact that it's a tactic that fits the song perfectly, giving extra strength to its already great melody with its strings, guitar, and percussion. Well done Fredrik Samsson and Miquael Persson--this really is almost everything I want from boy pop. The angry end of a relationship rarely sounds this melodic or this pretty.

Find it on: Flying


beE said...

Hi, could you please tell me where can I download his album????


Poster Girl said...

You can download it regardless of the country you live in here. If you mean without paying, I don't, I'm sorry--especially since the album was not a big seller in Sweden, buying it is something I encourage.

Jason said...

I tried downloading from the site you mentioned but it's not working!! Can you help me out in any other way? I'm desperate to hear this album!

Troy said...

Not cool!!! This needs to be so much higher!

Poster Girl said...

Jason, what's going wrong? Or, if you're really certain you can't download it from there, e-mail me (my address is in the upper right of the blog)--if I post anything here, I'm sure it will get spread around.

Troy, if this was 2007, it would be, but somehow I've lived with it for so long that I have little quibbles with it at times. It was set to enter a lot higher earlier on, though.