Tuesday, January 06, 2009

#56 Guillemots, "Get Over It"

And the words don't leave my mouth till I've had a dram
So I sit in the corner and watch you like the man I am

Of all the songs on this list, "Get Over It" is one of those I most wish was an American radio hit; I can't imagine I would have had more fun singing along to many other tracks this year. With its "woo"-filled chorus, "Get Over It" marked the Guillemots deciding to set their dreamy tracks aside for a moment and instead give us a catchy up-tempo guitar pop song (not as full of blowout guitars as the Kelly Clarkson school of pop-rock) designed to be shouted along with in large groups. Even if it is about a relationship preventing you from hooking up with an old friend, "fun" really is the key word for "Get Over It." I have trouble imagining anyone who could successfully resist this song completely.

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