Tuesday, January 06, 2009

#55 Ola, "Feelgood"

Every little thing you do
Is everything I want from you

It's obvious by now that I think Ola + Tony Nilsson + Bassflow makes for a killer combination. I've read Swedish media criticism of Ola in the past, arguing that he doesn't bring anything to the table, but I disagree: who else was going to release songs like "S.O.S.," "Love In Stereo," and this? "Feelgood," though very much in the boy pop niche Ola has carved out for himself, breathes a bit of fresh life into his style by taking it to the beach on a summer day. Musically, that means a quick-paced strummy guitar is brought into the mix of adorable electronic sounds, which here often take on the sound of rushing waves. The moment in the middle 8 where the song "goes underwater," a bit a la Kylie's "Love At First Sight" or "Wow," before coming back up with a crescendo results in a moment where Ola sounds exactly like I feel when listening to "Feelgood": he laughs. If you miss the halcyon days of Swede-produced teen pop, your search for your fix (though not mimicry) need go no further than Ola, who, thanks to the people behind him, is releasing music that does exactly what this song states: making us feel good. If he's not planning on getting Tony and Bassflow to do the vast majority if not all of his next album, he's crazy.

Find it on: Good Enough: The Feelgood Edition


Paul said...

Oddly enough, sometimes popstars don't need to bring anything to the table other than their voice and looks. They need these producers! Girls Aloud without Xenomania? Kylie the early years without S/A/W? Wouldn't work. Ola is one of my europop dudes of choice along with Darin and Danny. I know there are a lot of others but these three keep me consistently happy.

Lycklig tvillingmamma! said...

Peter(Bassflow)says Thanks!!
In my blog i there are a little bit of his "work in progress".
And a lot off kids..Twins.
Hugs from Evelina.

Poster Girl said...

You're spot on, Paul--sometimes it really is all about them being the perfect vehicle. Apparently he's supposed to be somewhat charming, too (I've not met him, obviously, so this is all hearsay), but really, he's got a studio voice great for this music, so that's all that matters to me.

It's so great to hear from you (and him)! I'm glad the twins are doing well--I can't imagine all the work (worthwhile work, of course). They are adorable.