Tuesday, January 06, 2009

#54 Sergey Lazarev, "Flyer (Under Fire)"

In time
I know I'm gonna make you mine

If this song had made it to Eurovision instead of the much inferior "Believe" by Dima Bilan, which beat it out, it would have been at least my fourth favorite song at the contest, and I have a feeling it might have ended up ranked even higher in this countdown, much as I try to focus on nothing other than how much I enjoy a song when making this list. "Flyer (Under Fire)" is Swede-penned, a fact that isn't surprising to learn when you hear the song's up-tempo revvy Euro-pop beat. It would have been so nice to have a male soloist at this year's Eurovision doing something like this, danceable--it feels tailor-made for higher-energy choreography--and really catchy. Still, at least it was further proof of Russian singer Sergey's pop credentials; I will be, as always, very excited to hear what he does next.

(Incidentally, I think there are two versions of this song, a demo and the final version, and they're pretty different; apparently I've spent the year listening to the demo.)


Paul said...

there are two versions? EEP! We must compare! Anyway, this was a great song and more evidence that other countries take eurovision far more seriously than England does - i don't think any of our songs that were in the show were anywhere near as good as this. I keep waiting for Sergey to be a star here, but sadly i am still twiddling my thumbs :(

Poster Girl said...

The lyrics are totally different (starting at the second verse or something, I think)! Who knew? I certainly didn't! Russia definitely puts effort into Eurovision, which is something I respect. I love that some of its stars are willing to try for the contest.