Tuesday, January 06, 2009

#53 Utah Saints, "Something Good '08"

Something good is gonna happen

Some dance songs, even those that sample Kate Bush, chop up her replacement's voice to nearly incomprehensible levels, and put them over a revving beat and some house piano, don't need anything more said about them than this: every time I put this on, it gives me a burst of energy, no matter who worn down I am, and it's never any less fun than it was the first time.

Find it on: "Something Good '08" (Single)


Aaron said...

Hahaha!!! My brother loves this song - Simply for the video! The running man is Epic!

It was his pick for song of the year. It was pleasant but nothing really, really special!

John said...

I love it when some song that I haven't thought about in years resurfaces.

Poster Girl said...

Aaron, the video does make me laugh.

John, I usually don't go in for these ten-years-later remixed-and-re-released dance releases, but this one really won me over.