Tuesday, January 06, 2009

#57 David Jordan, "Sun Goes Down"

If you lost your senses, here, have mine

With "Sun Goes Down," David Jordan invented a new music genre: pirate pop. I know, I know, Latvia did pirates at Eurovision this year, but that was in a preexisting music genre. David's falsetto-filled debut single left me with no interest in him, but as soon as PopJustice posted a clip of "Sun Goes Down" near the beginning of the year, I was suddenly sold--this was music when creativity combines with pop brilliance, brilliance that is very much commercial-friendly. It's still such an exciting fun (and yes, catchy) record even today that I can't help hoping that, despite the odds, David gets a chance at a second album--we can use more people shaking up the music charts when the shaking takes on forms like this. Really, "Sun Goes Down" is just this: a great pop song.

Find it on: Set The Mood


Paul said...

Pirate pop! Amazing! This was such a great tune, and still is. I sigh heavily that nothing else he released did anywhere near as well, and hope that doesn't mean he won't get another stab at the pie...

Poster Girl said...

I kept meaning to check out his album, Paul...particularly one other track that I liked the sound of, though it sounded nothing like "Sun Goes Down."