Saturday, January 24, 2009

#18 Eurobandið, "This Is My Life"

This is my life
I don't wanna change a thing

Iceland, in the past ten years or so, has racked up a pretty good number of fantastic Eurovision entries, but its results rarely seem to have been in line with the quality of its entries. That's why I was particularly praying that "This Is My Life," a Eurodance song performed the male-female duo Eurobandið and composed by Örlygur "Öggi" Smári (fresh off of having revitalized Páll Óskar's music career), would make it through to the finals. "This Is My Life" is more than just a great Eurovision entry, though: in its final version, modified from its original schlager-style appearance in Iceland's national final, it's a genuinely fantastic dance song, one that with its catchiness, electro squiggles and washes, and uplifting but still insistent chorus, easily stands up outside the Eurovision context. The fact that Fridrik (who had the second best song in Iceland's 2007 national final) and Regína were so incredibly endearing and obviously real Eurovision fans who cared about other fans was just the icing on the cake, a cake of them having made a song Eurovision fans could already love.

(P.S. Joe, you were right.)

Find it on: This Is My Life


Aaron said...

I'm with you - Great Entries. Sad that they didn't do so well.

I'd love to hear the original version though!

Poster Girl said...

I was just relieved they made it through to the final! They did deserve better.

The original is in Icelandic--do you still want to hear it? It's on YouTube here (live performance of it)--if you like it, I'll e-mail it to you. After the new version was debuted, I spent the first few weeks complaining about how much I preferred the original before completely changing my mind and falling in love with the new punchier dancier version.