Saturday, January 24, 2009

#17 Elin Lanto, "Speak 'n Spell"/"Discotheque"

Hey boys, here we are


I'm reborn at the discotheque

...and another cheat, but I really can't decide which of Elin's singles from this year I prefer. Is it the slinky electronic "Speak 'n Spell," written by Linda Sundblad and Johan Bobäck, or the camper uplifting celebration of disco, "Discotheque," written by Tony Nilsson and Henrik Jansson (and produced by Bassflow)? Both are intoxicating, albeit in different ways, and both came complete with fantastic videos full of potentially iconic imagery. From her reworked image to her brilliant music, Elin Lanto made herself a proper popstar in 2008, never setting a foot wrong. Now, if only some country somewhere would recognize nervous as I am about her upcoming UK launch, she's got all the best wishes I can muster up.

Find it on: "Speak 'n Spell" (Single) and "Discotheque" (Single)


Paul said...

i'm nervous about her UK launch too, but i will embrace it with all the fervour i embrace a same difference album with. I'm ready for her to storm the UK and to keep her knickers on doing it ;)

Poster Girl said...

Paul, we can only pray she doesn't let certain other singers influence her ;) It makes me so happy that you like her!

Jump! said...

I agree with you poster girl-Elin's transformation from pop girl to electro Diva has been flawless. Personally, i prefer the futuristic "speak n spell" over "discotheque." While the latter is as pleasing "speak n spell" it tends to mine the same vibe that September and Velvet put into their music.

Ultimately I think that's where Elin's promotional challenges will lie. Most everyone that visits this music blog enjoy all these great Swedish artists but for your average record buyer outside of Scandinavia she may just be another cute Swedish girl belting out a song some producer wrote. Let's hope the not.

Poster Girl said...

Jump! Great to hear from you! I was remiss in not commenting when you started posting again--I was glad to see you back.

If you pushed me to choose, I think I'd agree with you. I'm pretty sure I would, actually. I'm worried that you're right, too.

Aaron said...

Album! Album! Album! Album! Album! Album! Album! Album! Album! Album!

EPIC!!!! - I can't say enough about it!!!!!

I don't care if she flops - as long as she keeps releasing like this - I'm happy!!!

Poster Girl said...

They're spending money on her videos, though (compared to your average Swedish music video, anyway), so she's got to make some money back for them! I'm dying for an album, too--originally this February, but that might have changed (especially given the international efforts going on at the moment).

Aaron said...

At last notice (I have a contact close to Elin) - I think they were planning on March!