Saturday, January 24, 2009

#16 John Barrowman, "What About Us"

What about us,
What about love,
What about saying that we'll never give up?

This is all Gary Barlow's fault. Well, not really--John's voice works for this song (or at least doesn't hurt it at all), so at least some of the credit has to go to him, too. The big dramatic swoops of the chorus, though, are classic modern Barlow. If I'm going to fall in love with a ballad, chances are it's one that demands I sing along to a giant chorus, and "What About Us" does demand that, preferably complete with clenched fists of desperation and over-the-top facial expressions. Sometimes you just can't resist a melody--and when it's as good as this one, why would you want to?

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Paul said...

It's rather good isn't it. A) I saw him coming out of the theatre the other day next door to my house (literally next door) where he is doing pantomime. He looked fine. B) His version of I KNOW HIM SO WELL is just divine.

Poster Girl said...

Next door?! Wow...and I should look up his version of it, then!