Saturday, January 24, 2009

#19 Frankmusik, "Three Little Words"/"In Step"/"Done Done"

You had your photograph in a magazine
Such a pretty boy at only nineteen
But now you're twenty-three and it's all gone now
You ain't all that you wanna be somehow

In the biggest cheat of this entire countdown, I'm including all three singles Frankmusik released this year as one entry.

As I said earlier this year, I've basically lost all ability to write anything coherent about Frankmusik's music, so you all will just have to settle for a random conglomeration of thoughts instead.

"In Step"/"Done Done," released just before the middle of 2008, was more just a buzz type single, which I guess makes "Three Little Words," apparently also a buzz single, a second buzz release. Odd. Anyway, "In Step" and "Three Little Words" are from the hyper-kinetic up-tempo electronic side of Frankmusik's back catalogue, with "In Step" even at one point melting into video game style sound effects. For all its contained manicness, though, "In Step" has more than its share of lyrics that strike a little too close to home for someone like me who has enough paranoia about getting older as is. "Three Little Words" is even bouncier, with a video that captures the song's appeal perfectly while also enhancing it.

"Done Done" is another story. Still electronic in its base, still with a playful attitude towards the creation of sounds, it's a lush almost-ballad which once again marks Frankmusik as not only the composer of brilliant songs but a pretty great lyricist as well, one getting better all the time. It sounds breathtaking coming out of surround sound style speakers.

Find it on: Three Little Words - EP (alternate digital version here) and "In Step"/"Done Done" (Single)


xolondon said...

I am still baffled by the girl in 3 Little Words who's working the 1990's vest and flats look. What is going on there!?

I think Vince should release a new song each week for the next year! He is on a roll. (My next mixtape post brings that up)

Paul said...

i am indeed warming to mr frankmusic. his style is even aped a little by my lovely Dan Black. I'm quite happy to be late to the frankm party and get to catch up on all his aces music.

Poster Girl said...

We've got a science museum in my hometown that should be reopening this year that has one of these giant pianos in it and I'm pretty sure at some point I'm going to end up visiting it with my iPod for purposes of recreating this video, but I'm fairly certain I won't be going for that look when I do! I'd vote for that; he absolutely is--it's almost unbelievable. You can hear him getting better as he goes.

Paul, that's great news! I was quite late to the party myself, but better late than never.

Aaron said...

2 Words - Album. Now.

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