Friday, December 19, 2008

I'll take you there if you let me, baby

All right, Andreas Carlsson, you win. I'm not sure that you deserve the credit for an element that's a big part of making your track on Danny's new album, "Utopia," as fantastic as it is--the little string hook--but I love the track, so my whole "I can't remember the last track from Andreas I really loved" statement has to be tossed out the window (and to be fair, "Waking Up In Vegas" is apparently by you, too, and I liked that enough to post it).

In case anyone else cares, here's the songwriting credits for Danny's latest album (keep in mind this is just what the CD registers--it might not be the same or as type-o free as the album booklet):

1.) Radio (Tobias Gustavsson/Michael Zitron/Niclas Kings)
2.) Kiss You All Over (H. Bell/T. Ottoh/C. Falk) (sadly not Christian Falk, I'm pretty sure, but Carl Falk; fantastic song, though, and the first one in that video we heard)
3.) Emely (A. Aly/H. Wikström)
4.) Utopia (A. Carlsson/K. Engström) (that string hook, the thing that sounds like it is a sample or should be sampled, plays a huge part in making this song great, but the melody and lyrics are great, too; it all adds up to a top-quality song, and the song that was almost the one I posted today. In fact, I'm still kind of thinking I should have gone with it)
5.) All On You (M. Feiner/E. Amarillo) (a.k.a. The Attic, and you can definitely hear that in the track, even before Michael Feiner comes in on backing vocals)
6.) Unite This Heart (Danny Saucedo/T. Gustavsson/M. Zitron)
7.) Need To Know (J. Törnqvist/Danny Saucedo/T. Skyldeberg)
8.) Set Your Body Free (T. Cruz) (in retrospect, this should have been obvious and makes perfect sense--I mean, if you've heard his album, or even just "Come On Girl," you can completely hear it, though more so in Avenue's original version)
9.) Running Away (Danny Saucedo/O. Görres)
10.) Schitzophrenia (M.Clauss/H. Andersson-Tervald)
11.) Turn Off The Sound (O. Görres/Danny Saucedo) (Danny and Oscar make for a pretty fantastic songwriting team, I have to say; "Running Away" and "Turn Off The Sound" are both excellent for me. Actually, Danny himself seems to be a pretty good songwriter, though it's difficult to know who contributed what to tracks)
12.) Just Like That (C. Vikberg/A. Jonsson/Danny Saucedo/Lazee) (featuring something I never expected on a Danny album: a rap. From Lazee, I presume. Still a great song, though different in that it has maybe with a little R&B influence in the melody, especially in the verses; solidly soaked in dance, though, don't worry)
13.) If Only You (Vincent Pontare/Michel Zitron/Somajo)
14.) Tokyo (Anoo. Bhagavan/Niclas von der Burg/Jonas von der Burg)

I'm not complaining, but I thought we'd be seeing more Michel Zitron. Maybe he had a more oversight-oriented role?

I imagine I will be writing about this album in more depth later. There are many things that need to be said.

If you want the album, buy it digitally here or pre-order it physically here (well, it'll probably ship immediately or within a few days, considering it's out next week).

Next up: maybe more about this album.


Adam said...

all I can say is thank you for blogging. Danny has to be one of my favorite artists ever, at least since you exposed me to him earlier this year. This album is friggin fantastic.

Can we buy the album in Canada? My foreign language skills aren't the best, so I wasn't sure it would work.

Bas said...

I bought Kiss You All Over myself on 7digital and I must say it sounds quite good :) All the clips do actually! Can't wait until I get my copy :)

Resa said...

I really wanted the physical copy with the silver heart on it, but alas, every time I try to order it, it won't go through!

Thanks for sharing this! I'm so tempted to get it now rather than wait for it in the mail as a late birthday gift.

Damian said...

I really like samples of album and album grows more and more on me, though it's not so different as first album. It's like management analyzed that "If Only You" was most successful hit and decided to make next album keep rolling around this direction. My favorites are Running Away and Turn Off The Sound as well, as I understand due to Turn Off The Sound marked as radio-version it's next single and it's awesome!!!
And another exciting news is that we can expect something as fresh and strong from EMD's "Baby Goodbye" as it has the same songwriting team!
About Andreas Carlsson I think I'll listen whole song and then I'll decide if I need to refuse or not my own thing "I can't remember the last track from Andreas I really loved".

Damian said...

And by the way new Velvet's totally cool single - "Come Into The Night"

Paul said...

I'm patiently waiting for my physical copy to arrive. It better have a silver heart on it drawn by Danny's fair hand. Sounds like it will be a great album, almost as proper decent as Darins :)

Poster Girl said...

Adam, that's absolutely what I blog for--I'm thrilled you've found another artist to love! Either of those links should work for Canadians, though the digital link is (as you probably saw) in French--I tend to buy credit from the site with a credit card (American-based), and I've never had a problem with it. If you ever try to do it and run into trouble or have questions, don't hesitate to ask me in the comments or via e-mail! The physical album link, by the way, should be in English.

Oh wait, Bas, it's on 7Digital? That would make it easier for people to buy...oh, wait, but the territory restrictions...wait, is there a Dutch version of the site or do you know a way around the "you must live in this country" restrictions?

Resa, I never tried ordering it from Danny's site (I'd placed my order before I saw that), so I wasn't sure if you could buy from there outside of Sweden--it sounds like no? That's a shame! And different--usually they sell those autographed versions through Bengans.

Damian, I didn't pick up on that (about it being the single)--it really is a fantastic song! I love when Danny does the kind of semi-emotional still catchy but kind of transcendent dance...that's why "Here I Am" was one of my big favorites on his first album. I'm sure you read about Jörgen's "Saturday Night" being more typical schlager-ish--I wonder if we'll end up hearing it from some artist (outside the contest) eventually. I'm quite curious about it, with that description. Thanks for the Velvet link--great news about a new single! I wonder if this album will be gigantic or we'll just have heard all the songs before it comes out?

Paul, I hope it does, but I haven't read about any autographs from anywhere besides his official site. If yours has one and mine doesn't I will be jealous ;)

Bas said...

autographed copies can also be bought from ;)

and I was able to buy it from 7digital.. no problems at all :)

jonathan13 said...

Thanks so much poster girl for posting again about danny. One of my fav singer !
I wonder if his album is avaible right now ? How did u listen to the album ? Did u buy it digitally or u already received the physical version ?
Thanks again for your wonderful blog

Adam said...

I was able to download it from the French site that is linked to in the website. I didn't even have to fake my address or anything. I converted the files to MP3 and now its on my iPod.

Anonymous said...

Ahh i definately need to have this on my list on cd's to buy when i go to Sweden next month.

I was looking through my old singles collection today and stumbled across 'Pop! - Serious', wasnt that an amazing song.
I was gutted when they split.
Also 'VS - Make It Hot' and the amazing 'The 411 - Between The Sheets' album.
Holly Valance has also been playing a lot recently.
'Desire' was shockingl underrated.

Sorry i havent made a post for a while ive been busy and everything with all the christmas hassle haha.

Keep the great pop posts coming :D
And i must admit im starting to get a bit excited about Melodifestivalen 2009 already.


Poster Girl said...

Bas, that's great news--that's where I ordered my copy from and I'll have to check out 7Digital (the non-UK stores?) again--I just assumed those stopped working once the UK one did.

Jonathan, I just bought the digital version--I originally posted "Kiss You All Over," too...if you missed that, this post probably just came off as flaunting or something, which it definitely isn't supposed to be! It's on European iTunes now, I think.

Adam, fantastic! I'm glad it worked for you.

Conor, it absolutely was! Pop! were very underrated (I even loved some of the b-sides). Holly Valance's second album is one of my favorite albums EVER, no joke--you've got me thinking about it again now...I may have to write something up once the holiday season is over! I don't know the 411 album, but I'll have to look it up. I totally understand--it's great to hear from you again :)