Tuesday, December 23, 2008

I think I'm in trouble, trouble, trouble

I would like to claim the lack of posts recently is a result of general holiday hectic-ness--relatives, last minute shopping, that sort of stuff--but to be honest, up until today these past few days, though they've included some gift shopping, have mainly consisted of me sitting on the couch eating pudding while watching Craig Horner's first scene in the Legend of the Seeker pilot in high def and rewatching Speed while constantly proclaiming how awesome it is (it really is, though). My little time spent at the computer has mainly consisted of trying to figure out whether the ridiculously awful haircut on the '05 model of Canadian singer Shawn Desman can be tolerated. Let's be honest, though:

He does pop-R&B that sometimes ventures into fun up-tempo territory, including Yaz sample...

...he does choreographed dance routines...

...anything beyond that--even the really forced awkward macho hip-hop posturing that I think we can all guess the reason for--is really immaterial.

So that I can still keep up the pretense that this post meets my "only about music" standard, here's "Pullin' Me Back," a leaked track that may make it onto his third album, when/if it should be released. It's a cute pop-R&B thing which, despite being mid-tempo, has a strong enough percussion beat behind it that you could make up a dance routine to it. I really like it, but I can't imagine it as a comeback single; then again, I loved Jesse McCartney's "Leavin'" but thought it stood no chance in the U.S., so what do I know.

As I said, "Pullin' Me Back" is not released yet, but you can buy Shawn Desman's second and most recent album, Back For More, here (physical).

Next up: I might start my countdown, but maybe not.


John said...

Oooooh...countdown! Can haz? And I wish I was there with you on the couch. Pudding AND "Speed"? What's not to love?

Yuяi said...

Totally choreographical! That's a fat beat. At first glance at your title, I thought we might be going to the Circus there! LOL

Adem With An E said...

YES YES COUNTDOWN PLEASE. I am so excited to read your choices...

Paul said...

Speed! LOVE IT! One of my "obsessive" movies that i've watched so much i now pick holes in, but only cos i love it so. "Gigantor!" (petulantly) "Ortise!" Brilliant! And those policemen who tried to coax Helen off the bus just before she went thudding under the wheels should've been sacked for gross negligence. Oh the hamminess of the villain ("hahahaha jack!" dribbles the booze everywhere)! The gorgeousness this one time only of Keanu! The loveliness of Sandra Bullock. The ludicrousness of the train. "I'm going to speed it up!" Ah Speed. It's just like driving a really big Pinto.

What was this post about?! :P

Anonymous said...

I always quite liked 'Lets Go' though wasnt particulary that fond of most of his over songs.

This new one 'Pullin Me Back' is rather good in a 7/10 way though.
The verses go on a bit to long for my liking.

In terms of new music ive stumbled across i have to say ive been very much obsessed with this new Claude Kelly song.
Its produced by Stargate and it does remind me a lot of Rihanna's 'Dont Stop The Music'.
I wouldnt be surprised if Rihanna ends up with it actually as hes songs are usually demos for other artists.

And Merry Christmas for tommorow :D

will said...

Enjoy your holidays PopPosterGirl! Looking forward to your countdown and all the new recommendations in '09.

Lots of love.



EuropeCrazy said...

Merry Christmas and happy holidays!

Can't wait to read your countdown -I'm sure it will be fabulous and poptastic as ever :))

Rick said...

Merry Holiday Kwanzaawali. Thanks for introducing me both to these groovy songs and my new haircut. Well, maybe when I have a razor and have been drinking.

Poster Girl said...

John, this means we have our plan for the first time we meet: hit up the independent record stores, watch Speed, and eat pudding!

Yuri, I didn't think of that, but you're right, it could be read that way!

Adem, thanks for the interest! I ADORE your list.

Paul, yes yes yes to the policeman comment! Were they not listening to commands or what?! You've totally summed up what makes Speed so awesome.

Conor, that song has just succeeded in getting me interested in Claude Kelly as more than a songwriter...though as you say it could very well just be a demo for another artist.

Thank you, Will! I hope you'll enjoy something on the list.

Belated Merry Christmas to you, too!

Rick, I'm sure it would suit you to a T. Then again, who wouldn't look amazing in it?