Friday, December 12, 2008

Fall into my melody

Though I've still not bought the full B.L. album, I liked enough songs from what I do own that I'm looking forward to their comeback. I'd say that, if it makes their new album, "Fever" will do nicely as a sign that the British duo, formerly members of Big Brovaz, is still worth your attention. Beware, though: this song is not yet in its finished form--in fact, these are still demo vocals. Even as is, though, I'm liking the sound of it--dance-pop, with a combination of a beepy melody on top and deeper swooshes (including that sort of going underwater effect you get in, say, Kylie's "Love At First Sight," only in reverse) and periodic guitar-type flourishes underneath. I'm not prepared to put it up there with "Some Kinda Rush" yet--that's a more insistent dance track, whereas that beepy top melody here means this isn't as much of a lose-control hands-in-the-air dance track--but we haven't heard the final version yet either.

There's nowhere you can buy "Fever" yet, but buy the group's debut album, Boogie 2Nite, here (physical) or here (digital).

Next up: maybe that American singer, finally.


Yuяi said...

No way is this a demo! I am loving it! BL was all over the UK when we visited back in '06. These girls can get down.

John said...

Not bad, but you're spot on calling it out for being weak compared to some of their previous singles.

D'luv said...

Did I miss something in them being called BL now? I'm so behind the times!

You should get the first album... it's not great, but it's got some good jams on there.

I bought it when the Virgin Megastore was closing last January and having a huge sale.

Poster Girl said...

Were they really, Yuri? Good for them, though!

John, it's kind of less fully swooshy dancey.

D'luv, I just noticed Amazon MP3 has their album, so I think I'll invest! No, still the same name, but sometimes when I don't want a post to show up via Internet searches (at least, not at first), I'll avoid saying an artist's name or at least their full name.

D'luv said...

You sneaky little vamp!