Friday, December 12, 2008

Fall into my arms tonight

I just got around to reading the description of Danny's new album on Ginza and was thrilled by one piece of information in it. We already knew that Andreas Carlsson wrote and produced "Utopia," that Danny wrote or co-wrote "Turn Off The Sound," and that "Radio" is the work of Michel Zitron (who's said to have done most of the tracks on the album; he's also the writer of "If Only You," among other things), but up until now I'd not known that The Attic--Eric Amarillo and Michael Feiner--also wrote a track on the album! Fantastic news, as well as something I have no idea why I wasn't calling for before--it seems like it should be a natural fit, so I hope it plays out as well in reality as it does on paper.

Speaking of Andreas Carlsson, Sweden now has its very own David Archuleta...only he's just won the whole contest.

(Sorry about the upload quality--the audio's fine, but the video's odd--I'll swap out the video for a better one when one's available.)

I really do love the sound of Kevin Borg's voice, but I'm already envisioning him ending up with an album that sounds...well, a lot like that track repeated over and over again. I hope I'm wrong, as I do love some good boy pop, but right now I'd guess runner-up Alice Svensson is going to end up making pop that's more fun and interesting than him (I'm very interested to hear music from her). Oh well--maybe he'll at least give us a "Crush"-level track. There's no good reason that Sweden, the home of so many brilliant songwriters, should end up giving us a "pleasant-but-uneventful" album like David A.'s as Kevin's debut, but that's what'll probably end up happening. It shouldn't be, though--would it be so much to ask for a bit of effort to be put in?

The Andreas Carlsson connection comes through the track he's singing there--it's the Idol winner song and it's written by Andreas (a judge on Idol this season) and Jörgen Elofsson. I think the teaming up again of two writers who'd given us such pop classics back in the late '90's/early 2000's may have got my expectations to high; ultimately, what "With Every Bit Of Me" is isn't as excellent as the best boy band ballads from that classic era. That said, I've already been listening to it more than I thought I would when I first heard it...maybe that bodes well. Or not.


John said...

You've nailed the Archie similarity. It's as fluffy as an American winner's song. That video just freaked me out though.

AcerBen said...

Bit of a rip-off of Nothing's Gonna Change My Love For You by Glenn Medeiros..

Weird looking boy, but he clearly has a very strong voice. Song will grow on me despite the AWFUL lyrics.

Paul said...

oh no. this is just the sort of song i fall in love with despite trying hard not to. Curse you postergirl. He is instantly better dressed than Archie - Archie's insistence of cute sweaters irks me no end. And AcerBen is right, i've been singing Nothing's Gonna Change My Love For you all afternoon.

Poster Girl said...

The messed up video has now been fixed, John!

Ben, I read that comparison somewhere and I've now forgotten where--maybe Aftonbladet? I guess I shouldn't be surprised this is the sound, though--"That's The Way My Heart Goes"-Jörgen only shows up once every couple of years or so and this is an Idol winner song, after all, and, much as I'm always going to have positive feelings towards Andreas Carlsson too for the music he's done in the past, I'm struggling to think of the last song form him I loved...surely there must have been something in the past few years?

Paul, I'm sure he's glad to have your fashion approval, and I say that not at all snarkily. I'm glad you're enjoying the song!

I also want to mention in the comments here that some of his performances on Idol really made me think about all the fantastic sorts of songs Kevin could sing--there really are so many things, and sorts of songs lacking good vehicles right now (as much as I stand by my Archuleta reference, I think Kevin showed a lot more diversity on the show)--so I'm going to end up even more depressed when it's a bunch of blah mainly-ballads.

Anonymous said...

Ooh i quite like this song.
Certainly can see where the David Archuleta reference came from.

His album is really rather average which dissapointed me as i love 'Crush'.
Theres not a particulary bad track on there but everythings just rather 6/10.
'A Little To Not Over You' has been played quite a bit though by me over the past few weeks.

Taylor Swifts new album has turned out to be surprisingly good also for me along with Jessica Mauboy's.

Bas said...

After seeing the vid I have to stay that i think that David Archuleta is a lot better. Im quite addicted to his album actually. The songs Desperate and My Hands really stand out

Damian said...

I'm totally agree with you about Alice vs. Kevin.
Yes, Kevin has strong voice but not that interesting like Alice and he is not something fresh or new. That's why I didn't want him to win. Probably there's too much of my opinion about his personality - his constant laughing on camera doesn't look smart.
Song is nice but not the most freshest stuff I've been expecting from these songwriters. After this song I don't expect a lot from Andreas' song for EMD as MF-joker (due to rumors he wrote the song for them). Though you're right this song had to be just typical Idol-song...

Poster Girl said...

Conor, that's very much how I'm feeling about the album at the moment, which is disappointing for me. I keep meaning to check out Taylor's album--I really like "Love Story."

Bas, I think I'd say that as of right now I like David more than Kevin (though Kevin's got a more versatile voice), but David's album didn't leave most of its songs in my head (with some big exceptions like "Crush," "Touch My Hand" [sorry Thnairg, but I love it!], and "Waiting For Yesterday"), despite me wanting to like it. However, if for you it's addictive, I'll have to try it again.

I didn't watch enough of the non-singing parts of Idol to really know anything about his personality, but it sounds like maybe that was for the best! I still feel like EMD have been a wasted opportunity--Sweden has been the source of a good portion of the best boy band songs of all time, so the fact that their album left me feeling...well, a lot like David A.'s album (a little better than his, actually) did isn't really justifiable (but that's just my taste!). I'm definitely open to Andreas or Jörgen giving them a brilliant song for MF, but I'm not expecting it (though knowing me as the event gets closer I'll get more and more excited about it, forget about my reservations, and then end up feeling just as I expect to right now anyway).

Melodimen said...

Not surprised Kevin B won, his 'journey' and personality seemed to stand out.

The melodi ticks all the boxes, key change write on cue, afterall Jörgen has written many a classic Idol song before.

Loved the way the results were announced, Sweden always put on a good show!

Along with Glenn, have been singing 'Sometimes when we touch' all week too!

Poster Girl said...

Oh, it's absolutely not surprising at all--it's been easy to call for weeks now! Now if Kevin released a version that sounded like that, it'd probably get a lot more plays for me.