Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Wanna love

While we're on the subject of Darin, this is the tracklisting for Flashback, out December 3 (as verified via Bengans).

1.) Breathing Your Love (feat. Kat Deluna) (the lead single--we all know this by now)
2.) Seasons Fly (Darin played a clip of this near the end of the "Making Of Flashback" video; Darin's favorite track on the album)
3.) Road Trip (clip near the beginning of the making of; uber-poppy and catchy from the sounds of it)
4.) Dance
5.) Karma
6.) Flashback
7.) Strobelight (performed live and in the middle of the making of; urban clubby from the sound of it)
8.) Girl Next Door
9.) Runaway (performed live)
10.) Paradise
11.) See U At the Club
12.) What If (Bonus Track)

What was I saying about not obsessive?


Anonymous said...

December 3rd can't come soon enough.
Im dying to hear this album, especially as 'Breathing Your Love' is my favourite song of the year.
I can't make out those live performances because of all the screaming girls, they like to ruin every live performance there is.
Anyway i think ill probably scream with excitment myself on 3rd December.
Until then ill keep Britney Spears 'Amensia' blasting out at frequent intervals.

Aaron said...

Haha - Not obsessed huh? I'm with you all the way - Thank you heaps!

I'm loving this - and the worst part is I won't get my copy till early in the new year....

Loving the album though!

They really should have a deluxe edition with some acoustics and a solo version of BYL..

Poster Girl said...

Ooo, favorite song of the year? Big statement! Deciding on my end of year countdown...woah. It's going to be interesting. Ha ha, I know what you mean--one reason I haven't been to more concerts!

Oh, Aaron...so long to wait! I hope it's worth it! He did eventually give us an iTunes bonus track for his last album, so maybe we'll get something somewhere along the line (and iTunes bonus tracks seem to have only become more popular since then--even Swedish artists are doing them...Lena+Orup, Charlotte, Sanna...often just acoustic versions or remixes, but it's still something). I'd even take some brilliant b-side remixes if they were as good as The Attic one of "Who's That Girl."

Paul said...

oh i am too too excited for this. Please tell me strobelight isn't the same song that dreadful Luigi Masi "sings"? Nevertheless i'm sure the album will be amazing. I'm still wistful everytime i hear the piano ballad version of BYL. And i am hoping there are some better shots of Darin inside the cd cover...

Poster Girl said...

Paul, oddly enough, when I saw that title, that was the first song I thought of, too! But no, as the live performance shows, it's not that song.