Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Been here before

I should just edit this information into the previous post, but it's Melodifestivalen, so it gets a pass. SVT also released a little description of each of the eight songs whose artists were confirmed today (and I've added in some descriptions from an earlier post). More importantly, though: (some) new pictures (all credit to SVT)!

Alcazar, "Stay The Night" (Anders Hansson/Mårten Sandén/Andreas Lundstedt/Tess Merkel/Lina Hedlund): good party track with odd harmonies. QX earlier reported that the song is a modern pop track in the style of the music Alcazar is doing now. Incidentally, supposedly their album is coming "shortly," whatever that means.

BWO, "You're Not Alone" (Fredrik Kempe/Alexander Bard/Anders Hansson): a dramatic electro-gospel ballad

Caroline af Ugglas, "Snälla Snälla" (Caroline af Ugglas/Heniz Liljedahl): a typical Caroline track and a ballad

Emilia, "You're My World"
(Emilia Rydberg/Fredrik Figge Bodström): "a tribute to those we love and the warmth they give us"

Jennifer Brown, "Never Been Here Before" (Jennifer Brown/Peter Kvint): the saddest track Burt Bacharach never wrote. QX earlier described it as a soul ballad.

Lasse Lindh, "Jag Slåss I Dina Kvarter!" (Lasse Lindh): an in-your-face danceable track

(Look, that's the picture SVT chose--don't blame me if you wanted to see more! They did give us this, too:

if that helps at all)

Måns Zelmerlöw, "Hope & Glory"
(Fredrik Kempe/Måns Zelmerlöw/Henrik Wikström): a hopeful love anthem and a track everyone will remember after the first listen. Musically a continuation and development of Måns's earlier hits. QX earlier wrote that the song is said to be a strong, modern pop track.

(That photo's obviously taken from Sarah's own latest promo session--she's got a new single out soon.)

Sarah Dawn Finer, "Moving On" (Sarah Dawn Finer/Fredrik Kempe): a dynamic, dramatic, beautiful, epic, big, strong song that is hopeful, but with a little bit of sadness. QX earlier reported that the song is a powerful ballad totally different from "I Remember Love."

More pictures? You didn't ask for more? Too bad, you're getting them anyway.

BWO! And they've "gone ballad" on us. Watch them finally win (though it may be a brilliant ballad--who knows?).


Emilia and Måns


Lovely Jennifer Brown.

Also, it's worth noting these people are not all in the same semi--just all in Melodifestivalen. We'll find out one joker tomorrow.


Arlen, Australia said...

Lol Andreas looks super gay in that pic. He needs to lay off his eyebrows hahaha

So glad BWO & Alcazar are going for it again :)

Paul said...

Oooo thrilling a BWO ballad! Ooooo excitement a new Mans song. That wasn't sarcastic btw i am genuinely excited for both of them! Yay!! Bring it on!

D'luv said...

Wow, that's a lot of trannies!

Damian said...

Too much of make-up on Andreas, I agree, but they are nice!!! Look at this video, lovely, and this is how they look alive, I can approve, they are shining by positive energy.

This is what I wanted to ask english-speaking people, what does it mean when you say "in-your-face" about song?

First Joker is Markoolio ;) With ballad, weird, I'd prefer something dance from him, like "Markoolio anthem".

Damian said...

Markoolio's song is ”Kärlekssång från mig”.
By the way I'm obsessed with new Sarah's single, can't wait for it!
I've heard she had collaboration with Epicentre again for further album.

Bas said...

this all is very exciting news :) I can't wait for the new tracks of Mans & Sarah Dawn Finer!!

BWO seems to me a little too desperate participating for the fourth time in only like 5 years? I wouldn't be surprised if the Sweden audiance would get a bit tired of them... not sure a ballad will get them to win the festival... but you never know of course.

I don't see Alcazar winning the festival either as they will now for the first time on MF miss the strongest vocal they've ever had: Magnus Carlsson.

Bas said...

btw in your previous MF post you mention BWO with the track Its My Life and not with You're Not Alone... so which one is correct?

Damian said...

No one was sure if BWO choose this or that song - both are written by Bard.
BWO will sing "You're Not Alone" and "It's My Life" by rumors is given to Amy Diamond.

Poster Girl said...

Arlen, I have absolutely no idea what you're talking about ;)

I'll be very interested to hear both of those, Paul!

D'luv, if that isn't a reason to watch it...

Damian, you're right--shining positive energy is exactly the right phrase for that! I love them and, though I loved having Magnus and Annikafiore in the group, I'm just glad to have them back, period. I'd say "in-your-face," when we're talking about songs, means...kind of aggressive, or at least not restrained, not holding back. "Big," in a way. I'd usually expect it to be something up-tempo with a strong beat. The sort of song that starts and you just feel like it's really here. I'm not sure how much to believe that about the Lasse track, though! That's great news about Sarah and Epicentre--I'm interested to hear this new single when it comes out! I'm not sure what to make of Markoolio--I love "Värsta Schlagern" (of course) and the way-underrated "Emma Emma" (awful lyrics and all) from his last album, but if this is a "ballad with a twist," I'm not sure I can expect to love it, especially since jokey Swedish lyrics will probably go right over my head.

Oops, Bas--big mistake on my part! That's what I get for paying more attention to pictures than to words ;) Damian is right. I'm not expecting an Alcazar win either but I'm really hoping they'll get a big hit out of the song.

Damian said...

Thanx for explanation :) Then I don't know what to expect from Lasse as mostly his songs are sleepy :)
I guess Markoolio will sound like Daz (UK-2006) and that's why I don't expect a lot from him either and I won't understand swedish lyrics too)))

Damian said...

By the way "Markoolio anthem" is so lovely!!! How I'd love him to perform something in this style.

Alexander said...

I feel a Jennifer Brown-special coming up on my blog very soon... She's my fav this year, love love love THIS WOMAN!

Melodimen said...

Yes wonder what Markoooooooolio's twist will be?

Will it be a ballad with (c)rap verses but a stonking schlager chorus a la Värsta schlagern.
Possibly like One step closer by B-Boys International feat. Paul M which was written by the same guys as Kärlekssång från mig.

Least these 8 are probably not in the same semi as Alcazar would be off to andra chansen no doubt.

Damian said...

Markoolio promises ballad with humorous lyrics, striptease and crawling on the floor - seems like it will be a parody on Bilan, lol, I want it now, it's gonna be the funniest MF-entry ever))))))))
Expressen writes that these artists are considered to be jockers - Orup (boooriiiing), Darin (very good!), Marie Serneholt (coolest thing!!!), Lutricia McNeal(I'm not sure) and EMD (someone here has doubts that we'll see them as jockers? I hasn't since last winter).
Well, please, give me Darin, Marie and EMD and I'm ready to say this year on MF is thousand times stronger than any other before.

Rick said...

Hmmm... I get the feeling this is a year like 2006, where Måns is being groomed to win this whole thing (just like when it was obvious that Carola was going to take the prize to save Sverige from further humiliation).

Andreas looks really frightening.

I have to say that after seeing BWO live this summer, I have no patience for them. They were astoninshingly poor.

I'm all for that hot piece Darin competing though! And I have lots of time for SDF.

Damian said...

2006 - Carola
2007 - The Ark
2008 - Charlotte
Every year had its favorites from the beginning, though I wouldn't be so sure that Mons is such favorite witn no doubts, if there'll be Molly Sanden and EMD - I think folk loves them so much. I guess this year BWO will fail to get to the final, LYLOM was brilliant, one of their best songs ever, but I can't remember any ballad sung by Martin to say - OMG! It's stunning!
And I think people are a bit tired of them like of Carola on this year MF.

Poster Girl said...

Damian, oh. my. gosh. Did he really say all that? Darin, Marie, and EMD--that would be BRILLIANT. I keep hoping and hoping Marie will finally release more music--anything that will get her to do so is more than fine by me! BWO's ballads--I agree with you completely on those; some I can kind of appreciate in a sort of distant academic way, but I've never fully fallen in love with one, I don't think, though I've felt like I should have before.

Speaking of Melodimen, you all crack me up with your Kevin Borg coverage. I would comment more but for some reason, 9 times out of 10, my Internet browser freezes up when I visit your blog directly, so I just end up reading it all through a feed reader. I hadn't realized the B-Boys connection! Hmm...that's something to think about.

Rick, I don't know why, but I never would have guessed that they weren't good live. I'm kind of wondering if maybe Christer wants Shirley to win (though that's not to say she's a big favorite to win or a big comeback for the public), though of course we don't even know if she'll be competing yet.

Damian said...

You can check this article, this is where I've read it :)