Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Looking at me, do you like what you see?

(If anything could draw me out of Circus-land, you just knew it would be Sweden, right?)

Proving (!) that I'm not absolutely obsessed, here--a half month after its debut--is a performance (in shady quality) of another track from Darin's new album. It's called "Strobelight" and is the urban/clubby track we heard David Jassy working on it that "Making of Flashback" video.

In other Swedish music news--and as Troy and Scandipop already wrote about--eight of the Melodifestival artists were confirmed today. No surprises, but hey, it's nice to know for sure that these artists are doing it.

1.) Måns Zelmerlöw, "Hope & Glory"
2.) Lasse Lindh & Band, "Jag ska slåss i dina kvarter"
3.) Sarah Dawn Finer, "Moving On"
4.) Jennifer Brown, "Never Been Here Before"
5.) Caroline af Ugglas, "Snälla snälla"
6.) Alcazar, "Stay The Night"
7.) Emilia, "You're My World"
8.) BWO, "It's My Life"


Damian said...

First joker will be announced tomorrow ;)
I'm really glad to see all of them but Lasse (not sure he'll present something great), but my biggest favorite is Sarah - I'm in love with woman, this voice, these songs, there are so much heart in everything she does. I guess she will stay my biggest pre-favorite till February and only one thing can change it - if September will be announced as wildcard.

Aaron said...

BWO really are hell-bent on making Eurovision aren't they?

Well, it's a nice set-list but all the MF talk just starts to confuse me.

How does posting another video prove you're NOT obsessed? I'm confused - but LOVING the song though - IMMENSE!

EuropeCrazy said...

Måns, Alcazar and BWO: I'm in pop heaven!!!

The rest I can take or leave as artists but the great thing about MF is that sometimes you'll get an artist you don't like, doing a song which you do like, and you end up becoming a fan. That's what happened this year for me with Linda Bengtzing.

Damian - September as a wildcard. Now that would be dance-tastic. We can dream can't we!

Poster Girl said...

Thanks for the news, Damian (I read that before the post at the top of the page)! Yeah, Lasse isn't too exciting for me either, but I didn't mind his song last year. September--I think I'd pass out. I'm not sure if I want her in Melodifestivalen, but she'd be so brilliant and she totally has the voice to pull off performing live.

Aaron, confuse you, as in you don't understand the process? I should really explain all this more for people who aren't addicts. Ha ha, the Darin thing--well, it "proves" it because I didn't know about the video's existence for more than two weeks after it was posted, but it was said tongue-in-cheek ;)

Me too! Talk about some artists that have given us some brilliant past hits. I always look forward to being surprised, too--like you, artists I've formerly brushed off can really deliver and artists I've never heard of before can suddenly become some of my favorites.

Aaron said...

Well, Yes! I get confused about what's speculation, opinion and fact e.t.c - so I just give up trying! and Now, I don't quite get the process either....

Fair enough!

BTW - Have a look at http://faded-silence.blogspot.com - You'll be impressed!

Sofia said...

Why do they keep letting Caroline af Ugglas in!?

1.I cant stand the woman
2.She dont do good music
3.She wont even get a bit dressed up for the Melodifestival.Glamour factor Zero...Wont she at least put up her hair with some hairclips?

Not that Im bashing her or anything....^^

Damian said...

Caroline is a clown, I think she's a good clown and it's funny to look at her, she and Markoolio will bring more life in this event :)

Sofia said...

At least Markoolio is funny wich is something Caroline would never be she is an "ARTIST".But she is not an entertainer.