Sunday, November 16, 2008

Stah-ah-ah-ah-p and stutter

For a while, before I think too much about it, get all analytical, while I'm still in the rush of listening to brilliant exciting songs I'm enjoying, I just want to say this: I love Britney Spears.


John said...

Love is such a strong word. Can I say I'm rooting for her, and wouldn't be averse to loving her, and leave it at that?

Poster Girl said...

But John, she made "Amnesia." I HAVE TO LOVE HER.

(I think rooting for her is more than enough, though!)

Paul said...

i just got the album so will get back to you. I didn't like WomaniSer at first but now am ridiculously obsessed so it bodes well :P

Rick said...

The jury is still out for me. I still pine for her anti-feminist songs BABY ONE MORE TIME and BORN TO MAKE YOU HAPPY.

Bas said...

I think If U Seek Amy is a great track. Haven't heard the other songs yet, but I doubt I will be blown away by them.

Adem With An E said...


The album (bar 3 songs) is FAB FAB FAB.


(Sorry, I was saying that to people all weekend.)

Anonymous said...

Ive listened to the album and really loving 'Amnesia' despite the poor vocals.
'Shattered Glass' has an amazing melody but suffers from the poor Dr Luke production unfortunately.
The rest of the album is generally 7/10 stuff bar 'If You Seek Amy', 'Unusual You' & 'Mmm Papi' which are great.
'Blur' and 'My Baby' are hideous though.
Undecided on whether ill get it yet.

Im dying to hear Darin's album, hopefully some clips will be available at least soon.


Poster Girl said...

Paul, give in to globaliZation--"WomaniZer" is taking over ;)

"Born To Make You Happy" may be anti-feminist, but bring on the anti-feminism if it sounds that good!

Bas, I love "If U Seek Amy."

Adem, that sounds about like where I'm at at the moment! I think I'm co-opting your "If You Seek A-mazing," too.

Conor, I would LOVE it if they were, but I'm not expecting it--if nothing else, I guess we'll get live videos from that MySpace show he's doing in late November. Something else would be lovely, though!

Damian said...

I've put 10 of 19 tracks to my player, this is a good sign. I wouldn't say this album is great, but it's very good and much better than Blackout, after Womanizer I expected something really worse.
I always loved Brit but she disappointed me so much with Blackout, now she gave me hope good old pop-Brit is back :)

Poster Girl said...

10 tracks is a pretty good number to listen to--I'm so glad you found that many that give you at least something to enjoy :)

Sofia said...

Do you love her for the same reason I do?Namely...

If U Seek Amy

So so wrong and so so good^^

Poster Girl said...

Sofia, that is a HUGE part of it! :D I don't know whether censors would prevent it, but it really should have been the second single instead of "Circus."