Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Vill du gå eller stanna?

Swedish singer Lisette Vares sounds like a mix of a schlager diva, Cascada, and something of the more gentle dance type. For some people, that's going to be an awful combination, but to me, it adds up to something I have an awful lot of patience for (and that's an understatement). As far as I know, she doesn't really have a proper record deal, so so far her songs are just for us to enjoy and, even if none of them might be one massive breakthrough-type smash, they add up to an unfailingly enjoyable listening experience. Sometimes, as much as you admire singers' desire to try different things artistically and appreciate that for them nonstop uptempo dance and schlager beats might not be what they want to pursue, you really just want an album to put on that allows you to never stop dancing. If we can judge based on all the songs she's shared so far, that's what Lisette would give us, and I love that about her.

Choosing which song of hers to share is actually really difficult. My big favorite at the moment is the lovely "On Your Mind," but it's one of her more restrained tracks (though still dance--just more sad and pensive) and in that way might not be the best introduction (I love it so much that it may get its own post in the near future, though). Everything else is so close in (good) quality that I really don't know what to go with. Let's about "Älskar, Älskar Inte," a schlager-dance song which at points feels like the production could be a little more professional but is still fun and comes complete with big shouty keychangey bits near the end.

As I said, I don't know of any of Lisette Vares's songs being actually released, so in lieu of linking you to somewhere to buy her work, I'll just link to her MySpace. I really like her, so I'm hoping she'll get the chance to get some exposure beyond Eurovision backing dancer some day.

Next up: maybe that Italian song or boy band song.


Aaron said...

I Love it! I can't believe she's not signed - Injustice much?

Yuяi said...

Great sound! I'm digging it and am with Aaron, why isn't this chick signed?

Schlager Queen said...

she also was one of the backing vocalists for 'Vertgo' in Helsinki!

Poster Girl said...

Aaron and Yuri, I'm glad you like it/her :D I think she's got management, but no deal, or at least none as far as I'm aware of.

Schlager Queen, that's what I was alluding to with that Eurovision reference, though I must have gotten a little mixed up with what I thought she was doing. Proof, though, that she loves Eurovision! I bet she'd do it for somewhere.