Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Closer isn't close enough

"Wanna Feel Real," the presumptive eventual debut single from Sweden's The Provider (Sebastian Larsson), who has connections to frequent Danny collaborator Oscar Görres, isn't a song I imagine as a radio hit in Sweden, as cute, poppy, and commercial as the electronic beats that provide its musical backing are--the song's just a little too willing to be stop-start with its music for me to envision that happening. More to the point, "Wanna Feel Real" is likely to be seen as too "in the middle," with music that in its playful commercial joy and catchiness is like pure pop but in its willingness to avoid a straightforward pop vocal part is a little more like the credible electro-pop that makes up part of Sweden's "underground." If the beats were just a little less shiny, the singer's voice more deliberately odd, perhaps then the song would fall easily into the category of "cool" and people would know what to do with it.

To say that the singer avoids putting on odd vocal mannerisms or sounding twee (and in that way goes for a welcome commercial sound), though, isn't really to get across what the vocals of "Wanna Feel Real" are like: for much of the song, and particularly so in the beginning, they've been processed, made to sound more robotic in a way that gives added meaning to the "Wanna feel real" line that gives the song its title, and yet despite that processing, there's something about them that remains very recognizably human--just buffed to a shine to match the rest of the music.

My (hopefully unnecessary) pessimism about radio play, though, is outshone by my love of this song, electronic music unafraid to completely embrace pop music without any restrictions. Maybe my love is no surprise--anything poppy with elements of cute has a good chance of winning me over (though I think, when done successfully, daring to do cute is quite brave in today's musical environment, but that's a post for another day)--but there's still something so happy, so bouncy, so "good things can come in small packages" (which often contain more than meets the eye--there's something kind of computerized Pinocchio about this song, albeit presumably as a metaphor), so celebratory about life about this song--despite a middle eight that's a little bit of a step back--that I'm hoping it'll win over at least a few other people too.

There's nowhere to buy this single (posted for a short time), but you can visit The Provider's MySpace instead.

Next up: maybe that Italian song or that boy band song or another Swedish song.


Damian said...

I think I'll agree that it's too far from pop for pretending to be big hit in Sweden, but however we'll hope and thanks a lot for this song, never heard about this guy, and "Wanna Feel Real" made my smile, it has loads of positive energy inside :)

Yuяi said...

Loving this song! Thanks for sharing. This sort of sound is right up my alley.

Paul said...

It IS rather splendid isn't it? Sadly radio play in Sweden sounds about as pitiful as the rest of the world when it comes to experimenting with new stuff, though to be fair, I could probably listen to swedish radio all day and not get bored. But really would any radio presenter spontaneously combust if they played something a little outside their comfort zone? I doubt it. Though it might be interesting to see...

Anonymous said...

Ooh yes this is a pretty good song, i stumbled across it a few weeks ago but didnt pay much attention to it before.

Btw a megamix of some songs from Britneys new album is circulating the internet, heres the youtube link.

'Unusual You' sounds potentially amazing and 'Circus' sounds pretty good to along with 'Out From Under' which is a cover though i cant remember who sang the original.

The new US5 album clips are also on youtube now and it sounds great :D
Certainly a bit like what N*Sync would be doing if still together.


Poster Girl said...

Damian, I'm so happy that you, too, go those positive energy vibes off of it!

Yuri, no problem and I'm glad you like it!

Paul, radio in Sweden is pretty awesome in some ways--I mean, for an American to suddenly be somewhere she can hear "Cara Mia" on the radio is great, and I shouldn't ignore that fact. I say we run a test--know any spare radio presenters?

Conor, I've heard it--and changed the lyrics at the top of the blog to go along with "Unusual You" as soon as I did! Joanna did the original of "Out From Under" and I'm finding myself feeling surprisingly positive towards Britney's version of the track. I think I'm feeling a little underwhelmed by the sampler at the moment, but I'm still really excited for the album and may love songs once I hear them in full. Re: US5--that sounds interesting! I had no idea they were putting clips on YouTube--I'll go search for them right after this. I still really like "Round & Round," but whatever their latest single was ("The Boys Are Back" or something, maybe?) didn't stick with me, but then, I did only listen to it once--maybe it's better than I remember. Thanks for the news :D