Monday, November 10, 2008

It just goes on and on and on and on

I don't think I'd heard of Lutricia McNeal's songs before this one, but, if I can take Wikipedia's word for it, she's an American singer who's done a lot of recording in Sweden, first as the vocalist for some Rob'n'Raz early '90's dance songs and then moving on to a solo career still supported partially by Swedish songwriters.

What we're here to discuss, though, isn't any of the songs from her past, but rather the song that's been said to be the lead single for her latest album but has been in limbo for months.

Same Same Same--from what I YouTubed of Lutricia's music, I'd say this is a surprisingly poppy mid/up-tempo sound from her. The opening isn't the most auspicious thing in the world, but if the good verses or great bridge fail to totally win you over, I think the chorus just might do the trick--it's not a big declarative statement sort of song, but that chorus is really catchy, lovely and poppy at the same time. There's a little vocal processing going on at moments, in a way that kind of reminds me of Donna Summer's latest album, but it's not at the level that the song opening makes you think it's going to be; more just little tweaks in the answer-back part of the chorus to make the preceding and following multi-layered "You're the same same same"s seem even stronger. Maybe it makes sense that this song hasn't come out yet--in today's environment, I can't really imagine it getting loads of radio play in the UK or U.S. (though I don't think she'd even be targeting those markets--I get the feeling she's now one of those Japanese release sort of artists), but it's the sort of thing I definitely play a lot.

Since this single hasn't been released anywhere yet (to my knowledge), I can't recommend anywhere for you to buy it, but you can pick up Lutricia McNeal's greatest hits album here (physical).

Next up: maybe that Italian song, boy band song, or a Swedish song.


Alexander said...

Oh no, girl... You never heard of Lutricia before?! Insane. She's had several hit singles. My favourite has to be "Stranded" or "Fly Away".

Anyway, she's married to a Swede.

Robpop said...

Lutricia...oh my! Flashback! I LOVED POWER OF MUSIC!!!! (Later covered by Xandee...or was it the other way around? I can never tell!). Alex will know

(BTW Thanks for the BlogLove Shout out!!!!!!! YAY!)



Len W said...

Back in the late great days of SVENSKA FAVORITER internet radio, McNeal's "Ain't That Just the Way" was a daily staple of their programming, and has been covered by everyone from Friends to Anna Book.

Paul said...

the name rings a bell and yet i can't quite place her. I've probably heard her music before though... oh wait! Len got it for me - ain't that just the way that life goes down down down down or something?! Am i right? Do i get a prize?

Poster Girl said...

I don't know how this happened, Alex! I guess she's one of those artists from the U.S. who never really releases in her homeland, but that doesn't excuse me seeing as it's not as if I just listen to music released in the U.S.--I'll have to YouTube those songs...

...and look up the one you mention, Robpop!

Poor Svenska Favoriter :( And with all those covers, I really don't know how I'm clueless about it.

Paul, if that's right, you win a photo of a red Starbucks cup...if I can ever get around to taking one!

Len said...

Paul, you win a free fitness training package at my gym in Hollywood for that right answer--now you just have to get here!

Paul said...

Oh Len you shouldn't have offered that. I am actually coming over there next year :P (Prints out comments post to use as evidence :P hehe)

Richee said...

I always thought Lutricia was actually Swedish, strange as I actually put her back on my ipod the other day after some 90's cravings!

Poster Girl said...

I want a free fitness passage for Len's gym! And Paul, by the way, speaking of you coming to the U.S., keep an eye open when you're at Disney--if you see a stormtrooper, it could be my brother.

Sounds like you're semi-right, since Alexander says she's married to a Swede! Her songs look like they've done better there than in most countries, too. I understand the '90's craving completely--I made a '90's playlist just a few weeks ago when I was in a similar mood.